$10,000 Defenders of Physical Activity Award

UPDATE: 12/14/20 – We are thrilled to announce that BOKS has awarded over $200,000 to more than 90 schools and non-profit youth organizations in underserved communities in the U.S. These grants will help support BOKS programming and other health and wellness initiatives during the 2020-21 school year.  As such, our grant program is now closed and we will not be accepting any additional applications at this time.

Please check back in Summer 2021 for additional grant opportunities for the next school year.  We will announce our next grant program on our own website and social media channels first so be sure to follow us for the most up to date information!

At BOKS, we envision a world in which physical activity is part of every child’s day.

As our world has changed, so have schools and physical activity – which is why we are thrilled to announce that we are awarding a $10,000 Defenders of Physical Activity Award!

Anyone running BOKS — schools, nonprofit youth organizations, or nonprofit — are allowed to apply. While BOKS continues to provide free physical activity resources that can be used both in-person and remotely, we also wanted to find a way to recognize the schools and organizations in a BIG WAY! All we ask is that you are running some variation of our program – our traditional program, BOKS bursts or some combination of the two.


We know that all programs serving kids are very different this year due to COVID. Existing BOKS programs, and the trainers who run those programs, are adapting physical activity to serve students in all learning scenarios, whether remote, hybrid, or in-person with social distancing. To us, these all-star BOKS programs are real-life superheroes.

The Fall 2020 BOKS Defenders of Physical Activity award will recognize one exemplary BOKS program that not only changes the health and wellness of kids in their community but sets an example for other schools and nonprofit youth organizations to do the same. We want to hear from you and learn how you’ve creatively adapted the BOKS’ program to suit the needs of your current learning environment.

Still not sure if you should apply?! What do you have to lose? Only $10,000!

Remember! How you spend the money is completely up to the discretion of school or community. Are nutritious meals difficult to serve to kids due to being remote? Use this funding to help feed your students. Is there a lack of electronic devices for kids to be in school remotely? Whatever the scenario you are dealing with we want to help!

The winner of the Fall 2020 BOKS Defenders of Physical Activity will receive:

  • A $10,000 grant for your school or non-profit youth organization;
  • A “Defender of Physical Activity” Trophy for the school;
  • BOKS “Defender of Physical Activity” T-shirts for BOKS trainers and all enrolled program students;
  • BOKS “Defender of Physical Activity” medals for all enrolled participants;
  • Press release template for school to share with local media.

Ready to apply? Please be sure to prepare the following:

  • Describe how you’re using the BOKS program in 300-400 words. Include how you’ve adapted BOKS to your hybrid/remote learning environment, how many kids you’ve been able to keep moving with BOKS and why your school’s program should be considered.
  • If possible, share 2-3 photos or 1 short video clip highlighting either the in-person or virtual program you’ve implemented (must have permission from school to post / share on our channels and consent forms from the children’s parents/guardians who are featured).
  • Submissions can be sent via email to: christene.lyons@bokskids.org. Subject line: BOKS Defenders of Physical Activity Award Submission.
  • Must provide permission for a BOKS team member to virtually visit your class this year.  Advance notice of visit will be provided and mutually agreed upon between the school’s trainer and BOKS’ team member.

Submissions must be made no later than 11:59pm EST November 30, 2020, and can be submitted by or on behalf of the BOKS program trainers.