Creating a new routine can be tricky for kids – especially when there is very little structure without school, extracurricular activities, or sports. For parents, it’s even more difficult to manage a job, your kids, find time to exercise (or even just breathe)! At BOKS, we know how much physical activity helps our mental health and the numerous benefits that come with moving your body on a daily basis.

Whether it’s a 5 minute burst activity break, a few deep breathes, or a full BOKS class, keeping kids moving regardless of the resources at hand has always been our priority.

We compiled a list of 20 ways you and your kids can incorporate more movement into your day so you can stay active in the comfort of your own home!

  1. Get up early and go for a walk (Actually … it can be anytime, but sometimes when you go early it is very peaceful and a great way to start the day)
  2. If you cannot go out, walk with the news or listening to your favorite podcast (on a treadmill or simply around the house).
  3. Take movement breaks every 30 minutes. One of our trainer’s used a PAUSE challenge to take movement breaks – Do 30 seconds of each movement: Planks – Alternating lunges – push Ups – Squats – Elbow to knees)
  4. Take study or work breaks to do a BOKS Burst.
  5. When going to a different floor, using the stairs, make a rule that you have to go up and down the stairs 2 times before going to your destination.
  6. Put a whiteboard somewhere visible in your home. Write a fun daily exercise on the board for all to do when they pass.
  7. Have a daily Dance Party – set a time, then choose a song and go all out!
  8. Play a board game and if there are dice or counting, do a fitness skill for the # that is rolled.
  9. If you are in need of a snack, move around while fueling up, pick a fitness skill you like.
  10. Play “What is missing?”. Any player who doesn’t find what is missing does 5 burpees! We’ll share directions on BOKS’ social. Find the instructions here.

  11. Have a scavenger hunt in your home. Make a list and do 5 jumping jacks for each item you retrieve. You can download our scavenger hunt list document here.
  12. Create a fun obstacle course in or outside your home.
  13. While watching your favorite show, do a set of exercises during the commercials.
  14. Use household items, play a game of indoor bowling (cups, water bottles, a ball – ball up some socks).
  15. While on a walk, pause on each corner to do calf raises, pause at mailboxes to do squats. Get creative!
  16. Set aside some unwinding yoga time, alone or with family.
  17. Turn up the music and vacuum/clean your home.
  18. Have a dirty laundry contest. Set a timer and see who can collect the dirtiest laundry in a certain time period.
  19. Play musical chores. Give everyone a chore, turn on the music, when the music goes off you have to switch chores. Continue until the chores are finished.
  20. Join BOKS at 12 pm EST for our Facebook LIVE workouts.

We encourage you to try a new activity every day. Make sure to share your pictures or tag us on social with your new and creative ways for staying active at home!

For more at-home resources, you can check out this page: https://activekids.org/boks-at-home/