2019 Holiday Fun Pack!

Are you an educator looking for ways to keep your students engaged throughout the day right before winter break? Or are you a parent who wants to keep your child active during the week at home for the holidays? Well then look no further because BOHoliday Fun PackKS has a Holiday Fun Pack designed to keep children moving throughout the winter.

Our Holiday Fun Pack features a variety of fun outdoor and indoor activities for kids of all ages. These activities are designed to teach kids how to do functional exercise movements like squats, push-ups, and jumps, while also enjoying fun and interactive games with their peers. Think of it as a winter wonderland of physical activity!

For example, our Celebrate Winter game is an outdoor energy burner that instructs students to do “jumping jacks as if you were making standing snow angels”. This gives students a taste of holiday fun, while increasing their heart rates and engaging their brains!

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