3 Ways to Stop Sneaky Sugar from Popping Up on Your Dinner Plate!

Make the most out of the last few days of April! Though the first day of the month is for fooling around (April Fools’ Day), don’t you be fooled by food marketing.

1) Be a super sleuth and read nutrition labels to get the real story, not the fake one. Focus on sugar (< 25 grams/day) and trans fat (ZER0).

2) Remember to choose lots of colorful foods that provide vitamins needed to stay strong & healthy—the foolish fake colors in sodas or sports drinks don’t count!

3) In April (as the saying goes) we get plenty of showers to bring those May flowers. Since you are 2/3 water and constantly losing it, shower yourself inside and out by drinking plenty of H2O instead of having those sugary drinks. Drink plenty of H2O and choose foods from the farm like veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, proteins—not the factory. They’re better for the planet & you!

Click HERE for more information about choosing super healthy veggies and fruits that come from the farm not the factory.