4 Ways to Get Out in Nature this Summer

Many of my best memories of childhood are linked to time spent having fun in the park, on the playground, in the street or in nature! Each season has so much to offer families and provides a great opportunity to try out different activities to give our routine a little change. Kids love spending time outside rain or shine and when parents are involved, it adds something special to the adventure. Time spent outdoors provides us with irreplaceable benefits. It is so great for your physical and mental health.  Kids that spend a lot of time outside get more physical activity minutes in their day and feel less stressed. Nature is a great space to teach new skills because it provides a rich environment for experimentation and play.

I want to share with you our fun outdoor activity list to inspire you to move outside as a family and added a few challenges! Have fun!

1 – Going for walks in the woods!

This is one of our favorite activities to do as a family! We love going for nice walks with our dog and enjoy being in nature together. The kids love running around, looking at the birds, chasing the dog, picking up leaves and throwing rocks in the river. Giving the kids the lead on the nature walk can be interesting to see which way they prefer and how fast/slow they want to walk. I like to give some time and space for the kids to experiment on their own. It’s a good idea to ensure the environment is safe, so the kids can discover independently and take “risks” without putting themselves in danger. Children can feel confident and empowered making safe choices on their own!

Challenge: We challenge your family to walk for 5K or organize a cross country run for friends and family!



2 – Rollerblading

This activity is so great and the whole family can get a fun but challenging “workout”. Skating can develop balance, coordination, strength, and boost confidence in children of all ages. Make sure you have all the protective equipment needed (helmet, elbow, knee and wrist guards). Skating is so much fun for the kids and you will be surprised how quickly they can improve their skills.

  • Challenge: Stop by the skate park and try a few tricks!

3 – Golfing at the driving range

This is a new activity for our kids this summer! Golf is a game that encourages family participation. We weren’t sure how patient they would be learning about this new sport, but we were pleasantly surprised by the results. Kids like trying new things! We started by going to the driving range and the kids quickly got into it. While enjoying the great summer weather, the kids got to learn how to control their emotions, work on their focus and learn new skills!

  • Challenge: Once the kids get more experience, why not hit the golf course and play a game! Golf is an opportunity for quality bonding time.

4 – Swimming in a lake

I know it sounds simple, but swimming in a lake is always so entertaining! Kids get to experience cold water, the waves and get to meet new people. They love collecting the rocks and trying to find the little fish. It is a great opportunity to improve their swimming skills as it is very different than swimming in the pool. Being a confident swimmer is so useful for the kids as they are also able to take part in a huge range of activities like kayaking, waterskiing and going to water parks. Bring a football or a frisbee and play catch in the water!

  • Challenge: Try to get up on a paddle board and enjoy some time on the water!


I hope I inspired you to get active in nature!  It is important for parents to find activities that will keep their children moving, smiling, and healthy throughout the 12 months of the year. When it comes to staying active, you want to keep “fun” in mind. What have you experienced this summer so far?  Have you tried a new activity or sport? Looking for more ideas to be active in nature, take a look at the BOKS Summer fun pack! Have a great summer!


Manager Business Development, BOKS Canada