5 Advantages to Creating A Leadership Program for Students

As an adult, have you had the privilege of watching youth take on leadership roles? It is inspiring to see just what these young leaders are capable of. And they are not just leaders of tomorrow, they are leaders of TODAY. Often it is the students who are the quietest, who you don’t necessarily expect to step out of their shells, but who are ultimately so capable and so willing to jump in and take on new and unique roles when given the opportunity.

We encourage you to give your students the opportunity for growth, for learning, and for making a difference as we launch our BOKS Junior Leadership training program. This program encompasses everything you need to get a student-led BOKS Burst program running in your school. The Junior Leader Training package includes training videos, day-by-day lesson plans, and a package for your newly trained BOKS Junior Leaders. Check it out today in your Trainer Hub.  Not signed up to BOKS yet?   Sign up now.Exposing students to leadership opportunities creates a variety of advantages within your school community. The following are just a handful of what you can expect when you embrace leadership opportunities for your students:

Strengthening your school community– By bringing together students from different grades to celebrate and share in the same journey (getting active together through BOKS), it will create and enhance school spirit. Kids will have the opportunity to learn together, laugh together and move together.

Building confidence– When students step out of their comfort zone and try something new, it helps to create a new found level of confidence within them. Training together as a team, sharing their learnings and practicing their skills in a safe environment will help to give them the courage and confidence to then share these learnings with their fellow students.

Enhancing and creating positive peer relationships– Being a part of a “club” as the students learn and train together allows them to create and form new bonds that may not have existed previously. These relationships will develop between the student leaders but also with the other students they have the opportunity to share their Bursts with.

Giving back to your community– Volunteering and giving back feels good! For students to know and understand that they are impacting their school community in a positive way by getting their peers moving and enhancing their learning through movement, they will be making a difference. This impact will have a ripple effect for the students involved – they will enjoy the experience of school even more positively having given back in this way.

Learn new skills– As your students take on leadership opportunities, there will no end to their learning. They will have the opportunity to learn new physical fitness skills, be exposed to public speaking and teaching, as well as learning to be adaptable in new situations; just to name a few potential new skills.

There is no end to the advantages that a leadership program for your students can create!

If you are ready to launch a BOKS Junior Leadership program in your school or are interested in more information, make sure to reach out to us today (info@bokskids.org).