Announcement from BOKS Executive Director Kathleen Tullie: INTRODUCING OUR NEW LOOK

Since founding BOKS in 2009, the program has evolved quite a bit. What began as a before-school physical activity program run by three enthusiastic moms, has turned into a movement backed by scientists and adopted by nearly 3,000 communities across the globe.

Since that time, our children’s need for daily movement has become increasingly dire. New technology and longer school days has made kids’ lives more sedentary than ever – threatening their physical and mental health. And no one is more at risk than children living in low income communities, as access to sport becomes more and more expensive.

Today, I’m proud to say that BOKS is run in communities of all income levels, at different times, in different languages, for many different age groups, bringing movement to more than 100,000 kids on any given day. Throughout BOKS’ growth and evolution, the organization has remained steadfast in its mission to bring the physical, mental and social benefits of movement to every child and just as important – to have fun!

In order to accurately reflect this growth while staying true to our core values, I’m excited to announce that we have updated our brand’s look and feel.

Our new logo, colors and mark more accurately reflect the impactful program that BOKS is today and allow us to grow our programming in the future. In our new mark, the broken chevrons represent the power of movement and each line of the “K” in BOKS represents the mental, physical and social benefits BOKS provides. We are moving to a bolder color palette to appeal to kids of all ages, genders and backgrounds.

We will be rolling out the new branding gradually through our various distribution channels, eventually turning over our website as well. It is our hope that you will wrap your arms around our new look and continue to support BOKS on its mission.

All the best!