ANNOUNCING: Beethoven Elementary as BOKS’ Defenders of Physical Activity Program of the Year

Last year, BOKS announced the Defenders of Physical Activity Award to recognize exceptional programs across the country. This award is meant to highlight the trainers, parents, teachers, volunteers, and administrators that are dedicated to the physical and mental health of their students. All award recipients utilize BOKS in different ways, and all demonstrate their passion for the BOKS mission – to get kids active and establish a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.We are thrilled to recognize Beethoven Elementary School of West Roxbury, MA, as the BOKS Defenders of Physical Activity Program of the Year! Beethoven was one of our Fall 2019 award winners – watch highlights from their original award ceremony here. Trainers Lisa Garlington and Carolyn Sullivan go above and beyond to support and motivate their students. As a result, the students approach each BOKS class with positivity, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to get moving.

As a thank you for their commitment to BOKS, Beethoven will be receiving a $2500 grant to further support physical activity programming.

Congratulations to the staff and students of Beethoven and thank you for helping make physical activity and play a part of every child’s day!