Back to School Nutrition Tips

September’s here and school’s back in session! Remember to start your day with a protein-packed breakfast like scrambled eggs with low-fat cheese and veggies such as spinach, mushrooms or red peppers. Or maybe some plain Greek yogurt sweetened with your favorite fruit. If feeling a little rushed in the morning, don’t skip it—grab-and-go instead. A home-made smoothie is full of fruit, yogurt or milk and protein which you can drink on your way to school. Grandparents Day is 9/11 and they didn’t eat out much when they were kids. So follow their lead and skip the fast food and pack a lunch instead-and don’t forget to add a veggie and fruit. Speaking of fruit, Johnny Appleseed Day is 9/26. Born John Chapman 9/26/1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts, he helped introduce apple trees to many parts of the U.S. So pay him some tribute and eat a few apples or even plan an apple-picking trip with your family for a great fall activity that officially starts 9/22. It’s a fun way to get active, get some fresh air, and stock your fridge with a super healthy food. Speaking of family, get together for dinner as often as possible to end your busy day enjoying a healthy, balanced meal together and talking about all the great things you learned and did! Have a SUPER September!