Back To School – Where Do I Start?



With the new school year quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment to re-introduce ALL the resources BOKS has to offer and break down each one to make it super easy to select the right ones for you. We’ll also share some tips on the best ways to utilize each resource to keep kids moving throughout their day, and hopefully all year!  

If you’re looking for resources that are great to fill a longer block of time (25-45 minutes) like a PE class, look no further than the BOKS Physical Activity Plans! Each resource will provide a variety of activity plans that take kids through a full warm up, running activity, skill, game, cool down, and nutrition tip (called BOKS Bits). Here’s a quick run-down of each Physical Activity Plan resource: 

Elementary and Middle School Physical Activity Plans 

If you’ve been a part of BOKS for a while, you’re probably very familiar with these resources. Our Elementary and Middle School Physical Activity plans are the ORIGINAL programs created by BOKS and are intended to get kids moving for 35-45 minutes, 3 times a week. Each resource offers 72 activity plans (24 weeks of plans, 3 per week) that are perfect for a before or after-school program, or to support PE programming. Each program follows the same structure and provides age and stage appropriate activities for Elementary and Middle school kids (ages 6-14). 

BOKS Bootcamp 

A newer resource offering from BOKS, this Bootcamp program is perfect for young adults and is built more like a personal training program. Reebok coaches will take youth through an equipment-free workout that focuses on building confidence and competence in specific skills. There are 10 activity plans for kids ages 12-18 that are intended to be done whenever they find 25 minutes in their days. This program is self-guided but supported through instructional videos as well.  

Physical Activity Plans at a Distance 

Is your program still restricted by physical distancing protocols? No problem! BOKS offers two resources that model our original activity plans but accommodate physical distancing and little or no equipment in each. This is perfect to use with kids ages 6-14 and will take about 25 minutes. Again, these are great to use in before or after-school programming, or in place of a PE class. 

Lessons on Demand 

These on demand classes are perfect for in-person or at-home learners and follow the same structure as our Physical Activity Plans. Kids will be taken through a huge variety of lessons that are also instructed in a linked video by lots of different BOKS friends. There are 59 plans and videos to choose from and are a perfect fit for classes embracing a blended model of learning. Each lesson is about 25 minutes and is easily adaptable to many different environments, as well as accommodates physical distancing if it’s something still impacting your program.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to carve out 25-45 minutes to get kids moving, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t throw some movement breaks in throughout the day. As much as our kids need to move, it’s important we get ourselves active throughout the day too. BOKS offers some amazing resources to support short movement breaks at ANY time of day: 

BOKS Bursts 

This is one of the most popular BOKS resource offerings- by far! Bursts are 1-10 minute activities intended to offer movement breaks to kids throughout the day. They are transferable to almost any environment, easily modifiable, and super fun. With over 200 activities to choose from, you’ll be able to find endless ways to get kids 6-14 moving, at any time of the day. Bursts are excellent for transitions during classes or for breaks and are super useful in helping kids get their wiggles out!  

Monthly Calendars 

Each month, BOKS offers a themed calendar that provides one planned Burst activity for every day of the school week. This is a great tool to use if you’re looking for an easy way to integrate BOKS into your program as it has everything planned out and provides links for instructional activities. It’s a great resource if you’re looking to get active with your wider school community as well!  

BOKS delivers lots of wonderful, specialized content to support health and wellness, and provides some variety and balance to our activity offerings. We understand that not all kids get active in the same way, and we want to encourage a holistic approach to healthy living. These specialized offerings give some useful variety for getting active 

Mindfulness and Movement Flows 

This resource is perfect for building mindful practices and bodily awareness through movement. It includes 25 different activities themed around breathing, mindfulness, movement flows, stretching, and gratitude exercises that can be done in most environments and only take 5-10 minutes. These activities pair great with Bursts to bring some calm after burning off energy but can also be used on their own. They’re great for ages 6-18 and can be super beneficial for kids to learn how to build independent coping strategies

Get Your Run On (at school or at home) 

This running resource will get kids at school or at home excited to build their cardiovascular strength and endurance. Kids can participate in a couch to 2km or couch to 5km version of the program and can access videos and tips and tricks to assist with each option. Get Your Run On is perfect for kids aged 6-14 and only takes 20-30 minutes/physical activity plan (there are 24 total). Running can be a big challenge to introduce, but this resource makes running fun and accessible for all.  

Junior Leadership Program 

Do you have students who are looking for more opportunities to become leaders in their communities? This resource will give you everything you need to build out and implement a student-led Burst program at your school. The program will walk staff and students through four different sessions (about an hour each) to become BOKS Junior Leaders and provide Burst activities to students in their school communities. This program is adaptable to fit each unique program and gives kids ages 11-18 the skills and confidence to lead activities for their peers. It’s an incredible tool for building sustainable physical activity in school communities.  

Keep Kids Moving at Recess 

As we saw playgrounds become highly restricted during COVID, it was important that we offer a resource to support kids in getting active during their unstructured time. Keep Kids Moving at Recess provides super simple activity offerings that are intended to be done outdoors, require minimal equipment, and are built for large groups of participants. It’s a great way to include any kids who seem stuck on the peripheries during unstructured time or practice for Junior Leaders in your school.  

Celebrate the Games On Demand 

BOKS was fortunate to partner with some former Olympic and Paralympic athletes, as well as Special Olympic Youth Leaders, to bring the Games to kids and classrooms. These activity plans take about 25-35 minutes and are best for kids ages 6-14. The nine activity plans will take kids through 10+ sport-focused themes and will make them feel like they are a part of the Games.  

Are You Game? 

This resource is all about getting moving through PLAY! Full of games, puzzles, crafts, and activities, this resource is amazing for getting a little silly and having fun. While the times vary a bit with each activity, you’ll have 30 games to choose from that can be done from home or at school. This resource takes us away from more skill-based activities and brings a focus to creativity and fun.  

And if that wasn’t enough, there are a few extra resource offerings that can help to support your program and get kids even more engaged in their health and wellness: 

Healthy Recipes

A big part of healthy living is healthy eating! Why not explore in the kitchen and get familiar with cooking healthy recipes? This resource offers fourteen amazing recipes for kids ages 6-14 to start cooking with and can include the whole family. The directions are easy to follow, straightforward, and use minimal kitchen tools to create tasty and healthy treats.  

Winter and Summer Fun Packs 

No need to worry about keeping kids active while on break. BOKS has developed Winter and Summer Fun packs for kids to keep active at home during their breaks from school. Each Fun Pack comes complete with recipes, crafts, games, BOKS Bursts, and physical activity plans for kids to choose from while at home. These are fantastic resources to get families moving together but can also be used by individuals looking to get active on their own. Great for ages 6-14 (but really anyone who wants to join in) and provides over 100 different options to choose from.

Activity Trackers 

Whether you’re looking for a tool to track weekly or monthly activity, BOKS has you covered! Help kids tangibly track their activity independently, track activity as a group, or use throughout your community to engage everyone in getting active together! The monthly tracker pairs perfectly with each monthly Burst calendar 

Whatever you’ll need this upcoming school year to get kids moving, BOKS has something for you. Be sure to keep an eye out for all these resources on the NEW BOKS trainer hub, and check out the document titled “All BOKS Resources 2021” for descriptions and breakdowns of all the resources at your disposal.  

Lauren Hutchison 

Regional Coordinator, Western CanadaBOKS Canada