Best Practices for Implementing Bursts Into the Classroom/Home Environment

You know that feeling when you’ve been sitting for too long and you can’t help but start to fidget and stretch?  We’ve all experienced it whether we are stuck in a meeting or lounging on the couch and if we as adults experience it, you better believe it happens to kids in the classroom or at home when having to sit and do homework.

Yet, in today’s world, education and physical activity clash as teachers struggle to utilize every classroom minute to cover required material. At home, parents and kids are juggling so many activities, that enforcing set periods for homework in between work and activity schedules is just as much a challenge.  Yet, studies do exist that recognize the fact that getting students moving during gives them better ability to focus and pay attention in class.

As a BOKS Trainer, teacher and parent of three boys, I have had the opportunity to witness the impact physical activity has from many perspectives.  There is no doubt that kids need activity breaks during the school day, but they also need breaks at home when they are doing their homework or other sedentary activities.   Here are some ideas on how to incorporate more physical activity/Bursts into our childrens’ day:

  1. 1. During natural breaks (in the classroom) – Between subjects, BOKS Bursts can be incorporated with students either at their desks or in the aisles next to their desks. Bursts average between 2-5 minutes and can be implemented into any lesson, multiple times a day!  Such a short amount of time for such a big benefit!
  2. During a lesson/homework (in the classroom or at home)
    • Match a vocabulary list with a movement so when the child defines the word they have to squat, do a jumping jack, etc.
    • If you have an alphabet chart, assign an exercise to each letter of the alphabet. When working on vocabulary, the movement can match the beginning letter of the vocabulary word.
    • Yes/No – When a child answers “Yes” (jumping jack) or “No” (squat) they will perform the movement.The answers are only allowed with a movement or a verbal cue.

3. Reinforcement of a lesson– Keep 3-4 stations around the room (classroom or place in house where kids do homework) where there are BOKS Burst cards.At designated times, have kids go to a certain station and while they are completing the burst they can quiz each other on the classroom/homework materials.

4. After school – The transition from classroom to home or other after school location is a great time to incorporate a little physical activity.It’s totally normal for kids to want to decompress a bit before starting homework.

  • Use a BOKS Burst
  • Quick jog or running activity around the home, driveway, sidewalk. Could be a continuous run, sprints, walk/jog or jumping rope.

5. Snow days/Summertime– Just because school isn’t in session does not mean that the need for physical activity goes away. Kids still need to be active, yet the drive to be in front of a screen (TV, Video Games, Phone, Tablet, etc.), can be quite addictive. Always be mindful of this and incorporate some of these suggestions:

  • Scavenger Hunts are a fun way to be active. Make a list of things the kids should find.  They need to run around and find each item (either inside or out).  When they submit their lists they need to do a physical activity with each item they turn in (example: find an item around the house that is bigger than your foot and do 10 squats holding it).
  • Obstacle courses – create an obstacle course in the house or outdoors. Have kids go through the course as many times as they can, time them, see if they can go faster and beat their own time.
  • Outdoor play, sledding, fort building, make designs in the yard, create a snow relay


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