BOKS Bursts for Seniors: Get Active & Have Fun At Home!

While people of all ages have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the senior community has had to be particularly diligent when it comes to keeping themselves isolated to stay safe and healthy. Understanding that being physically active can help you stay healthy physically and BOKS Senior Burstsmentally, the BOKS team turned its attention to the senior community and today announced the availability of our BOKS Bursts for seniors: Download the 4 week curriculum here!

BOKS Bursts are short (1 to 10 minutes) and can be used at-home with little to no equipment; each week will incorporate movements that encourage flexibility, endurance, strength and balance. For this curriculum, we have made sure to include modifications for seniors of many different athletic and physical abilities.  Check out this video of our new curriculum and see one of our BURST activities in action:


During these uncertain times, we know everyone is missing their loved ones, we encourage you to connect virtually with your friends, kids or grandkids and challenge them to move with you!  Stay healthy!