At BOKS we know that movement and play are crucial to the wellbeing of children of all ages. Not only does physical activity improve physical health, but it’s directly correlated with mental health, social-emotional wellness, and academic performance. When COVID-19 first impacted our communities, the BOKS team understood it would be more important than ever to keep kids moving. With the creation of new virtual and physical distanced programs and the creativity of our BOKS trainers globally, engaging ways to get moving through BOKS are more accessible than ever!

So, what do the new BOKS resources look like in action? Read on for new ideas and best practices from our BOKS trainers, who are busy getting kids active throughout this pandemic.

Virtual Implementation

  • Whether schools are fully remote or hybrid, many students spend part of each week learning virtually. Just like science or language classes, BOKS classes can be delivered online too! BOKS Zoom or Google Classroom classes take place before, during, and or after school. BOKS Trainers share the class time and link with their students, creating their own BOKS classes. One student from Boston said he loves doing BOKS because it “helps him feel awake and ready to start his day.”
  • Historically, BOKS classes held in person serve only a portion of the school. Now, virtual classes can serve a much wider audience, even reaching the entire school! One successful example is a school in Canada where a Virtual Assembly featuring BOKS movement breaks reaches over 6000 students on a regular basis.
  • If virtual BOKS sounds great to you, but isn’t offered by your school, parents and teachers alike have streamed BOKS classes using Facebook Live. Not only does Facebook Live allow you to reach families beyond your school community, but it’s a great way to interact with your audience without the fear of video or audio interruptions. Looking for inspiration? Check out our previous Facebook Live sessions on Youtube.

Physical Distancing

  • While many students are learning remotely, others are in school practicing physical distancing. BOKS Lessons at a Distance are perfect for these students, offering 12 lesson plans that can be done before, during, or after school. Some BOKS trainers are finding success using these lesson programs to supplement their physical education curricula as well.


  • Recess looks a bit different lately, and structured games and activities can help kids stay safe while having fun. Lunch supervisors across North America are utilizing the Recess Cards to provide physically distanced activities to kids. The cards can be printed, laminated, and easily disinfected so they can be shared between students and supervisors.


  • Are you limited on space, but want to keep kids moving? Sensory pathways are a great, easy way to creatively get kids active! Tape BOKS Burst activities around the classroom or through the hallways. When students arrive at an activity, they can stop and quickly perform it.


  • We know kids love a challenge, and high school students are no exception! Schools have utilized the BOKS Bootcamp to create friendly competitions between classes. Who can complete each BOKS Bootcamp workout the fastest? Who can hold a plank the longest? Which class can complete the 100 Point Challenge (available in the “Are You Game?” booklet) in the least collective amount of time?
  • As part of the BOKS monthly Fitness Calendars, weekly challenges have been a great way for classroom teachers to encourage their students to try new activities. Check out the new December weekly challenges on the December Fitness Calendar, available on the Trainer Hub!
  • While mindfulness is often an individual practice, some schools are challenging their students to practice each day in class. In one school, the weekly Mindful Minutes are taught each Friday. The following week, students are challenged to repeat the Mindful Minute each day.

How are you using BOKS in your community? Have you tried any of these options, or do you have another success story to share? Let us know on Instagram by tagging @bokskids, or post on the Facebook BOKS Trainer Community!