BOKS & Reebok Buy One Give One Eligibility

The Reebok and BOKS Buy One Give One campaign is here to help our high-need schools outfit their children in appropriate attire so they can run and play freely! For every kid’s shoe purchased on from now until July 31st, 2019, Reebok will donated a free pair to BOKS (up to 5,000 pairs)!

If your school is currently running BOKS and you believe you are eligible to receive shoes, please see below for more information on how to apply:

  • August 26th, 2019 – Application link will be posted on the BOKS Trainer Hub
  • August 26th– September 20th2019 – Application submissions are open
  • Week of September 23rd– Applicant will be notified about eligibility


  • In order to be eligible for free shoes: schools must have at least 50.1 percent or more students eligible for FRPL.  Schools considered high-poverty schools (those where more than 75.0 percent of the students are eligible for FRPL) will be given first priority with mid-high poverty schools (those where 50.1 to 75.0 percent of the students are eligible for FRPL) given second priority.
  • The school must have an active session logged in the BOKS Trainer Hub for the Fall 2019-2020 school year with a minimum of 20 students participating in the program.
  • Only current Fall 2019/20 BOKS session participants will be eligible and only one pair of shoes per participant will be provided.

All applications must be submitted by the BOKS Lead Trainer or Trainer and must include the following:

  • Contact info for delivery including School Name and School Address as well as the BOKS Lead Trainer Name and Phone Number
  • Complete list of current Fall 2019/20 BOKS session participants first name & last initial and their respective shoe size

If you have any questions about eligibility or the Buy One Give One promotion, please reach out to

If you would also like to purchase a pair of shoes, you can shop HERE!