BOKS Welcomes Fall

October’s here and fall as well.  Keep up the healthy eating and physical activity and don’t “fall” back into unhealthy habits!

Trees are showing their fall colors and food is too. Get your orange on with sweet potatoes instead of white ones for extra flavor and vitamins. Speaking of vitamins, Columbus Day is the 13th and Vitamin C helped sailors stay healthy on long voyages. Grab an orange as you navigate your day or add a citrus splash to your water with an orange or lemon.

You can’t think of October and not think of pumpkins!  But remember they aren’t just for decorations – they’re full of nutrition. Roast the seeds and sprinkle with salt for a super snack.

October of course ends with Halloween.  Trick or treating is awesome, but try to plan non-candy activities too, like pumpkin carving, haunted hayrides, or “stay dry” apple bobbing—suspend those super crunchy apples from a string instead of in a bucket of water.

Have a super October and don’t be “scared” to try some of the orange foods mentioned or other colorful fruits and veggies. Check out this handout from some creative new ideas!