BOKSpectations: Setting Rules for Your BOKS Class

“BOKSpectations” may be a mouthful to say, but if properly outlined and executed, they can mean the difference between an ordinary BOKS class and an extraordinary BOKS class.

BOKSpectations are really just a fun way to lay out “rules” for your BOKS class. Over the years we’ve seen many different variations of these expectations depending on school environment, age range of the children, etc. but all are pretty much centered on the same guiding principals for behavior:






Your BOKSpectations may be different (e.g. putting away backpacks and jackets maybe important to you) but no matter which you choose we recommend reading through these expectations at the beginning of each BOKS Class.One of our trainers suggested using your first BOKS class of the year to collectively write your BOKSpectations with your BOKS students. The kids will be more likely to follow the expectations if they played a role in defining them.

We’ve created a poster that you can print for your BOKS class which can be downloaded here or you can create your own!

Here are some other creative suggestions from some of our BOKS schools:

A BOKS acronym:

Be kind
Only do your best
Keep moving
Stay safe

You can mix in your schools core values and focus on how the class should run like Tynan Elementary School in South Boston did:

BOKS Program Rules:

  • Listen
  • No pushing
  • No hitting
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • No yelling
  • No fighting
  • Clean up when you are finished

Tynan Core Values:

  • Be kind, be responsible, be safe, be respectful

You can create your own mantra to say at the beginning of each class to inspire the kids to work hard and believe in themselves like Baldwin Early Learning Elementary School did:

Baldwin Early Learning “I Matter”

I am confident
I am a fighter
I believe in myself
I matter!
I am strong and
I am a scholar.
I Matter!
I will succeed and
Reach my dreams
Because I Matter!
No matter how hard it gets
I will never give up
Because I Matter!
BOKS Rocks

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