Complete List of All the BOKS At-Home Resources

Below you’ll find a complete list of all the BOKS At-Home resources available for free download!

Wondering how on Earth you’ll keep your kids entertained and active this summer with many summer camps cancelled and limited sports options? Or maybe you want to introduce more yoga & mindfulness to your kids each week? Or you’re in high school looking for an equipment free and highly effective workout program? Whatever the case may be, BOKS has you covered to stay active, keep fit, and have fun this summer!

All of our resources are FREE and easy to download from our BOKS AT HOME page! Once you sign up, you’ll be able to download any of the documents. As a thank you, you’ll receive 30% off when you shop with our friends at

summer activities for kidsSummer Fun Pack

  • Who: Kids in grades K-9
  • What: Over 100 activities to keep everyone entertained this summer. From physical activity bursts, to crafts that fuel creativity, and recipes from our friends at America’s Test Kitchen Kids, there are no excuses to be bored this summer.
  • Materials needed: Crafts utilize many household items and object you likely already own.



Summer bootcamp for teensBOKS Summer Bootcamp

  • Who: Teens and Young adults (14 and Up)
  • What: Six weeks of workouts based on functional fitness skills of the week (squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.). Written and coached by Reebok HQ Trainers, you’ll be guided through 3 workouts each week that cover strength training and cardio. You can also participate in the 1,000 rep challenge be entered for a chance to win $100 gift card to Reebok! All workouts are highly modifiable for all fitness and skill levels – so if you’re new to working out or you’re a veteran, this program can work for you.
  • Materials: No equipment required!


BOKS Burst At Home Pack

  • Who: Kids K-9th grade
  • What: BOKS Burst activities are short bursts (1-10 minutes) of exercises kids can do with minimal space. We’ve selected all the bursts that are for individuals and allow for kids to maintain social distancing while still staying active. You can do these fun exercises and mini game sin the comfort of your own own, and in small spaces with minimal to no equipment/materials required.



exercise for seniorsBOKS Bursts for Seniors

  • Who: Seniors (65 & Up)
  • What: We have modified our BOKS Burst activities to also support and inspire our older population to keep active and stay healthy while at home. These bursts of physical activity are great ways to keep moving throughout the day with mini exercises that serve as fun alternative to too much sitting and screen time. These are short (1-10 minutes) and can be used at home with little to no equipment. Challenge your friends, your kids or your grandkids to move with you (in person or virtually)!



physical activity fun packBOKS Physical Activity Pack

  • Who: Kids of all ages (Pre-K to 9th grade)
  • What: We compiled some our favorite indoor physical activity games and exercises for you and your kids to do at home. With the increased time being spent inside due to COVID-19, we want to help you keep active! Most of these can be done right in your living room. Choose from burst activities, parent/child activities, crafts, and games.
  • Materials: Crafts require minimal materials, most of which you may have around the house.



yoga and mindfulnessYoga and Mindfulness

  • Who: Kids of all ages (Pre-K to 9th grade)
  • What: BOKS and Tara Stiles (founder of STRALA Yoga) have teamed up to bring you some fun yoga and mindfulness activities! STRALA yoga will leave you feeling healthy, creative and happy by guiding you through various movements. Learn more about the body-breath connection, try natural movement poses, and practice gratitude with your kids.
  • No materials needed, for all skill levels


Fitness Calendars

  • Who: Kids of all ages (K-12)
  • What: April, May, and June Fitness Calendars. Although these months have passed, you can still access all the activities, bursts, and monthly challenges that took place during each month.



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