Congratulations Josiah Quincy Elementary School – Our 2021 Defender of Physical Activity

The BOKS team is pleased to announce Josiah Quincy Elementary School (JQES) in Boston, Massachusetts has been named our 2021 Defender of Physical Activity. JQES, which has been running a successful BOKS program for 10 years, will receive a $10,000 grant to support its program and any other applicable health and wellness initiatives. In addition to the grant funding, JQES will receive medals and tee shirts for all its participating students.   

JQES was chosen for its dedication to the integrity of the BOKS program, its diverse group of participants and trainers, and the number of children they’ve positively impacted over 10 years.  

Mary McClerkin, a BOKS volunteer trainer at JQES, told us: “Children literally run to the gym in the morning in order to start BOKS as soon as they can. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Older siblings bring their younger siblings. Friendships are formed across ages and grade levels as all of the children learn, play, laugh, and sweat together.” 

In addition to JQES, Hendley Elementary School in Washington D.C. and PS 124 Osmond A Church, in Queens, New York will receive honorable mentions for our award and $2,000 and $1,000 grants respectively.  

 “Congratulations to JQES, a long-time BOKS partner and exemplary team of trainers, students and administrators,” said Kathleen Tullie, BOKS Co-Founder and Senior Director of Social Purpose at Reebok. “And thank you to the many worthy applicants that submitted for the Defender of Physical Activity Award this year. We wish we could provide grants to all schools and youth organizations that are doing their part to keep kids healthy, mentally and physically. You are the real change agents that our world needs to create healthier and happier kids.”  

 BOKS is a physical activity program designed to get kids active and establish a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. The Defenders of Physical Activity Award allows BOKS to direct unrestricted funds to schools and organizations using BOKS’ free programming to get kids active and healthy in the method that works best for their current educational environment. The funding helps support BOKS programming and other wellness initiatives during the school year.