Don’t Let Sugar Sap Your Energy!

The trees are almost bare now (at least on the east coast), but they are still strong and stand up to November’s chilly, gusty winds. You can be strong too by having super snacks with protein, healthy fat and carbs like fruit, nuts, veggies and cheese, or a turkey sandwich instead of chips, cookies, or candy. Trees all full of sap. And one thing that can ‘sap’ your energy is too much sugar. Juice has as much sugar as soda. Not only can sugar ‘sap’ your energy, but too many carbs can too. Remember that as you plan your Thanksgiving meal this month. It’s the carbs, not the turkey, that make you tired after dinner. So gobble up plenty of veggies and protein and small amounts of potatoes, stuffing, or pie. And instead of plopping down on the couch to watch TV after your meal, get outside and play some football or go for a brisk walk with family and friends. Have a nourishing November, and don’t let your energy get ‘sapped’!