Four Questions with Nancy Day, BOKS RI Area Coordinator

For the third installment in our BOKS appreciation series “4 Questions With…” we are excited to highlight a very special team member of ours, Nancy Day. Nancy serves as the BOKS Rhode Island Area Coordinator, and is a crucial member of our team. Her passion and dedication to the mission of BOKS is evident through her work.

Here’s four questions with Nancy:

What do you love about BOKS?

I love the fact that BOKS provides children with a fun, healthy and safe way to start their day with physical activity, as well as providing them with information to lead a healthy lifestyle. BOKS is a necessary, and fun, antidote to the sedentary lifestyle that affects too many children.

How has fitness and/or physical activity been important in your life?

I ran cross-country in high school and college, so I’ve always known the importance of remaining in good physical condition. My children are cross country runners and I enjoy watching them develop the same interest in physical fitness and conditioning.

Describe yourself in 140 characters.

I am a mother of 2 who passionately believes all children need to learn good exercise habits and healthy lifestyle choices.

Share your favorite BOKS story.

At the 2016 Rhode Island Healthy Schools Coalition Breakfast for School Leaders, BOKS was asked to do the activity break with the attendees. Twelve of my BOKS kids (my 2 children included) from my school district lead a fun activity. They made a big impact on the group and many people were inspired to bring BOKS to their schools.