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Physical activity is more important now than ever for kids who desperately need their daily dose of endorphins. When movement is added to a child’s day, it increases academic success and improves social-emotional wellbeing. As such, BOKS has launched new resources that will suit kids of any learning scenario, location, or age!

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BOKS Fitness CalendarMonthly Fitness Calendars: An easy-to-follow calendar complete with daily Burst activities, weekly challenges, follow along videos, and Mindfulness Minutes. Download the September Calendar now!

Weekly BOKS Bursts deliver movement breaks to students, educators, and families. This fall, BOKS Bursts will require minimal equipment and space to accommodate all learning scenarios, whether at home or in the classroom.

Additionally, help your students focus on their social emotional needs through our weekly Mindfulness Minutes videos. These videos will be released each Friday throughout September.



BOKS Lessons at a Distance: Similar to traditional BOKS lesson plans, these 12 lessons are easy to run, fun, and get kids moving all while adhering to physical distancing guidelines.

BOKS Lessons on Demand: BOKS On Demand Lesson Plans are follow-along videos that include a warm-up, running component, skill of the week, game, cool down, and nutrition bit. The lessons allow students to maintain current protocols of physical distancing and can be done in the classroom or at home. Engaging trainers ensure you’ll leave the lesson with a smile on your face, heart rate up, and ready to re-focus on learning.BOKS at Recess

Keep Kids Moving at Recess: This document provides 20 games and lesson plans to keep students moving at recess.

BOKS Bootcamp: This BOKS Bootcamp, intended for students in Grades 7 through 12, is designed to strengthen, support, and empower young adults physically and mentally. Each of the 10 weeks is entirely equipment free, can be performed anywhere you would have space for a yoga mat, and is highly modifiable to suit all fitness levels. The exercises address the five components of physical fitness – Cardio Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Body Composition.

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