Get Super with BOKS

We are all powerful, we are all super, we all extraordinary; this is something that we can all agree on. Everyday kids are finding their superpowers, finding super hero strength on monkey bars, finding that they can move as fast as a cheetah in gym class, flying as high as superman on the swings. Physical activity is a super power and BOKS helps kids find their super power everyday! So, what makes you feel super?

We want YOU to create fun videos illustrating your child’s inner BOKS super hero! The video with the most likes will receive a free pair of the Reebok/BOKS shoes as well as an adult pair of Reeboks.

1. Tell us what physical activity makes you (or your little one) feel super and record a video that starts with “I’m super when I’m ____” (example, running, lifting, jumping)!
a. Tape yourself and your child, doing that activity!
b. Upload the video to your personal social media account
c. Tag @BOKSKids and use any (or all) of the following hashtags #Back2BOKS #BOKSSuper
2. Challenge your friends and family – and call them out – to tell us what makes them feel #BOKSSuper
3. Tell your followers to keep an eye on BOKS social to see if their video is chosen! (remember we can only track if hashtags are used!)

BOKS Super Hashtags:
#Back2BOKS #BOKSSuper #BOKSFast #BOKSZig