Get To Know Your Boks Team Tuesday! (8th Edition)

Hey BOKStars! Welcome to the 8th edition of “BOKS Team Tuesday”. We are always here to help in every way possible to make your experience a great one and #TeamTuesday will allow you to put a face to the name, and learn a bit more about who we are!

Meet Cheri Levitz!

Position Title: Co-Founder

Favorite Thing About BOKS: One of my favorite things about BOKS is that it gives parents an opportunity to make a difference/impact at their child’s school.

Fun Fact: I like to read books about Zombies and Vampires (The Strain, The Passage, Order of the Sanguines Series) or classics like War & Peace.

Favorite Exercise: Swimming is my go to exercise where I truly feel like I’m getting a workout, but I am beginning to really enjoy crossfit. On Saturday mornings we go as a family which is really fun and something I never thought would happen (especially with two teenagers). But we all encourage one another during the workout and high five at the end.

Quote to Live by: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”. – T.Roosevelt

Best Team Memory: One of my favorite memories occurred during our first year. I love how BOKS can make a difference in the lives of children in so many ways. During our first year, there was a child who was not thrilled to be at BOKS. During the 400m run, the child would barely walk it and would complain of some physical ailment. In the classroom, this child was kown to visit the nurse daily with complaints, showed little confidence during class and was not engaged. One of our parent volunteers came along this child and would walk the 400m run with the child and would be encouraging. By the end of the school year, this child would show up with running shoes ready to get started with that 400m run. The teacher said that the nurse’s visits stopped and class participation occurred. To think that BOKS helped this child come out of their shell and build confidence is inspiring.