Heart Healthy Tips

Happy Heart Month BOKStars!

February is American Heart Month so be good to your heart and get plenty of physical activity to keep that heart pumping strong! Along with physical activity it is also very important to eat lots of super healthy foods. Some of our favorite healthy foods include veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains and unsweetened dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt). With this month being American Heart Month we are going to focus on the color RED. And since it’s the Year of the Goat for Chinese New Year (2/19), PURPLE is also a “lucky” color. So get some red and purple foods in your day like red and purple peppers, eggplant, purple carrots (yes the do exist!), tomatoes, plums, strawberries, raspberries, apple, grapes, and cherries.

Speaking of cherries, President’s Day is coming up and George Washington may have chopped down a cherry tree, but you don’t have to! Grab some sweet colorful fruits for on-the-go goodness instead of that Valentine’s Day candy that you’ll be getting! Candy and Valentine’s typically go together, but remember sweets cause cavities and steal your energy, so eat them as treats, not snacks.

Click HERE for more information about choosing super healthy balanced snacks.