Introducing the Defenders of Physical Activity Award

At BOKS, we envision a world in which physical activity is part of every child’s day. Our existing BOKS programs, and the trainers who run those programs, are getting us closer to making this dream a reality. To us, these all-star BOKS programs are real-life superheroes.

That’s why we are excited to announce The Defenders of Physical Activity Award.

This monthly award will recognize exemplary BOKS programs that are not only changing the health and wellness of kids in their community but setting an example for other schools to do the same.

Winners of the Defenders of Physical Activity Award will get much more than bragging rights, monthly winners will receive:

  • A “Defender of Physical Activity” Trophy for the school;
  • A $300 grant for their BOKS program;
  • BOKS “Defender of Physical Activity” T-shirts for BOKS trainers and all enrolled program students;
  • BOKS “Defender of Physical Activity” medals for all enrolled participants;
  • Press release template for school to share with local media;
  • Eligibility for entry in the “BOKS Defender of Physical Activity Program of the Year”contest – the winner of which will receive a $2,500 grant to support BOKS programming.

Have a BOKS program that you’d like recognized as a Defender of Physical Activity? Be sure to check out our eligibility requirements and prepare the following:

  • Describe the BOKS program in 300-400 words and tell us why it should be considered.
  • 2-3 photos or 1 short video clip highlighting the program (must have permission from school to post / share on our channels and consent forms from children featured)
  • Submissions sent via email to:– Subject line: BOKS Defenders of Physical Activity submission

Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis.

It’s time to recognize the superheroes in your school community.


Eligibility/Minimum Requirements:

Must run Before or After School Programs

Must have an active membership & session logged in Trainer Hub

Must run BOKS for a minimum of 8 weeks per session

Must run minimum of 2 days per week

Minimum of 40 kids enrolled in program (consideration given to less than 40 kids if all other criteria is met)

New and returning schools are eligible. New schools must complete minimum of 4 weeks of BOKS programming to be considered

Must follow BOKS lesson plan / curriculum