It’s time to #LetKidsMove

BOKS was founded almost 10 years ago with a goal to put ourselves out of business by making physical activity part of every child’s school day.

Unfortunately, in today’s screen obsessed culture, modern society has taken us even further from our goal.

Our kids are the least active generation in history and yet, physical inactivity goes largely unnoticed and not discussed.

That’s why at BOKS, we decided it was time to do something drastic, something that people are unable to ignore. We put a child inside a box in the middle of a main street to let the public see what a typical school day looks like for our kids. Then we set up cameras to capture real reactions from those passing by.

We wanted to let the threat of physical inactivity speak for itself.

What we found was that age, gender, race, family situation or socioeconomic status doesn’t matter – people were equally shocked by these simple truths:

  • 300,000 of total U.S. deaths per year can be attributed to physical inactivity. (CDC 2017)
    • Compare that to 38,000+ deaths from automobile accidents. (U.S. Department of Transportation, 2017)
    • Or 39,000+ deaths from firearms. (New York Times, 2018)
  • Yet, only 4% of elementary schools provide daily P.E. (Voices for Healthy Kids, 2017)

It’s time to #LetKidsMove.

If you care about this important issue – please share this video in hopes that more school communities will TAKE ACTION and #LetKidsMove. All it takes is one passionate person to make a difference and that could be you!

Because when kids move – they thrive.

Kathleen Tullie & The BOKS Team