Keeping the Momentum of Movement Throughout the Summer

Congratulations on an…interesting…year! 

I always like to reflect on the year that has passed…and what a year it has been. I have been able to see first-hand (well, if you count virtually as first-hand) the incredible impact our teachers and trainers make every day in the lives of their students. I have seen unprecedented creativity in how to bring activity alive through a screen or while 6 feet apart. I have seen a renewed commitment to health and wellness, as we have seen the impact of sedentary lives on our children’s mental and physical health. And most of all, I have seen us all come together to make a difference.  

When I first found the BOKS program, it was as a special education teacher. BOKS was like magic for my students – helping them to exert their energy and focus on the day ahead. When I came to work for Reebok and BOKS, it was as a mother where I was able to see the impact first hand – I was able to volunteer at my daughter’s school and help them get up, get active, and learn new skills. This past year I sat behind my laptop while my children sat behind theirs, and I watched more than 2,000 new schools enroll in BOKS. 2,000. It was then that I realized how important movement will be as we transition out of this strange reality and back into a new, hopefully greater, reality.   

I can’t begin to express my excitement as we head into summer with a focus on getting outside and getting active in any way we can – running (be sure to check out our at-home running document), biking, swimming, and exploring nature. Let’s use this time to recharge, refresh, and prepare to hit the ground running next fall.  

Here are our top 6 suggestions for BOKS resources to keep kids moving this summer: 

Summer Fun Pack

Get Your Run On 

Are You Game? 

Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Bootcamp Challenge 


You can access all of these resources on the BOKS Trainer Hub.

The BOKS team is committed to providing new, exciting resources, trainings, a completely re-designed physical activity plan pack, and an all-new digital environment.

We look forward to welcoming you back in September. Until then, we hope you log off and get moving! And don’t forget to check out our Summer Fun Pack to keep kids and communities active and engaged throughout the summer!


Director, BOKS Canada