May 2020 Defenders of Physical Activity Award – Tom Levett & Josiah Quincy

Announcing May’s Defenders of Physical Activity Award Winner: Tom Levett & The Josiah Quincy School

Matt O'Toole Reebok
Tom Levett and Reebok President Matt O’Toole

BOKS is on a mission; to get kids active and establish a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. In order to achieve this, we rely on the individuals who deliver our program and interact directly with students. We are fortunate that we work with people who use their inherent drive, dedication, and energy to help students remain active (regardless of the circumstances). This month we are recognizing one of these standout individuals, Tom Levett and his school community.

Tom and his co-lead trainer at Josiah Quincy Elementary, Mary McClerkin, both have a background in physical education and a love for movement. Their enthusiasm is contagious. The more than forty kids in their program are always smiling, having fun and moving!

Tom attributes his ability to lead successful BOKS classes to being a kid at heart. Tom told BOKS, “Sports and fitness have had a strong impact on me and I really enjoy sharing my passion with today’s youth.”

The entire community at the Josiah Quincy School speaks to the success of the students and their dedication to a healthy lifestyle. “The Josiah Quincy School is a wonderful community with dedicated staff and children… our kids are always excited to get into the building and get moving in a positive way,” Tom says. “BOKS has had a strong impact on our kids and is a great way to start our rigorous learning day. Teachers, parents, and kids all love it! They also understand the health benefits of being active.”

Reebok Kids
Lead Trainer Tom Levett and his BOKS class at Josiah Quincy Elementary

Since, COVID-19 and its resulting school closures the community, like so many others, has faced new challenges. Students have had to shift to virtual learning, have experienced a loss of routine, and are lacking social interaction with their peers.

The Josiah Quincy School and BOKS trainers continue to support their students. Tom streams live videos for two hours a day, helping his students stay active and delivering a sense of normalcy to an otherwise unpredictable circumstance. He has also contributed directly to BOKS’ larger audience, leading BOKS Facebook Live classes.

Despite feeling anxious and nervous prior to the Live classes, he feels a weight has been lifted off his shoulders once the classes start, and knows his students relate to him. “Kids can have this same feeling, especially during this unprecedented time… therefore staying active at home is extremely important and can definitely alleviate this unwanted stress on children.” Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the Josiah Quincy School and its lead trainers continue to uplift students within their community and beyond.

It is because of Tom, Mary, and Josiah Quincy School’s profound dedication to physical activity that their students have created a lifelong commitment to health and fitness that transcends extreme circumstances. Their passion for helping get kids active, their eagerness to assist students beyond their own, and their supreme dedication to the BOKS mission makes the Josiah Quincy School BOKS program more than deserving of the Defenders of Physical Activity Award.