Nutrition Resolution Time!

Happy New Year! Nutrition resolution time. Not sure where improvements can be made. How about breakfast? If you aren’t eating it, start because it provides energy to focus & perform better in school. If you are eating it, but it’s mostly sugary carbs like sugary cereal without fiber, try something new that will keep energy levels up longer. Add some protein with eggs, cheese or Greek yogurt. Or how about celebrating National Peanut Butter Day on the 24th this month with some PB which is full of healthy fat. If PB isn’t your thing or you are allergic, try almond, cashew, or sunflower butter. Speaking of the “sun” and “flowers,” many parts of the country are seeing less of both! For those feeling stuck inside due to colder weather, bundle up and head outdoors to build a snowman, help a neighbor shovel some snow, go ice skating or simply toss the football around. And don’t forget to score a “Nutrition TD” towards the end of January when planning your Super Bowl party on 2/5. Be sure to include veggies & dip, fruit, nuts, cheese and whole grain crackers instead of chips, cookies, and wings. And speaking of “wings” Happy Chinese New Year 1/28—a Rooster year. You can eat like one by skipping the processed feed and instead enjoying some of their favorite fruits/veggies: berries, carrots, lettuce, cauliflower, and pumpkins. Having a variety of healthy foods typically provides all the nutrition you need—no vitamin pills needed. And you’ll perform like a superstar as well on and off the field!

Click on this link for more information about choosing healthy balanced meals!