Reebok & BOKS Collab: The Reebok Ambassador Program

BOKS would not be possible without our key players: the amazing BOKS trainers and of course the amazing kiddos that bring their playful energy to each BOKS class. But BOKS has a third (less well-know yet equally important) team that plays a critical role in the success of the program – the BOKS Ambassadors.  

The BOKS Ambassador program assigns Reebok employees to volunteer at schools in the Boston area. After the relationship is created, the Ambassador regularly attends BOKS sessions at their school, allowing the students to know and grow with the Ambassador and vice versa. Two stellar Reebok employees turned-BOKS Ambassadors weighed in, speaking about their personal experiences with the Ambassador program:

Allison Blain works with the Roger Clap Innovation School in South Boston and Jill Acquarulo volunteers at Josiah Quincy Elementary in Boston’s Theater District. Both women are Reebok employees and have been in the BOKS Ambassador program for just a few short months but they can already see the impact they’ve had on the kids.

“It’s such a unique and flexible volunteer opportunity provided by Reebok and something I wouldn’t [normally] be able to do as a digital marketer with my schedule and work responsibilities,” says Acquarulo. “I always feel so good and energized following a volunteer morning. I love being able to influence the best part of some of these kids’ days.”

The only criteria to be a BOKS Ambassador is an affiliation to Reebok, a passion for the Boston community, and a love for kids.

“I love the entire program, goal, mission, etc. of BOKS,” says Blain. “I love kids, fitness, being active, and helping to bring joy and encouragement to others.”

Having the Ambassadors build a relationship within the school community has a positive impact on the volunteers and even more importantly it has an positive impact on the BOKS kids. Students look forward to BOKS, and having an Ambassador return week after week gives them another incentive to be excited.

“It has become evident to me how much interactions can greatly and positively impact kids – no matter how long or short,” Blain says.

Acquarulo agrees that interacting with the kids is the best part: “If I can make a kid smile or laugh, I know I did a good job.”

The BOKS Ambassador Program highlights the wonderful relationship between Reebok, BOKS, and our greater Boston community.

“It has made me appreciate Reebok as a company even more than I already do,” says Blain. “I love how Reebok aims to help people live their best lives- mentally, physically, and socially!”

From freeze dance to burpees and toilet tag to total silliness, BOKS Ambassadors are leaving their own wonderful footprint on Boston’s youth.

If you are a Reebok employee and would like to become a BOKS ambassador in your community, please email Not a Reebok employee? No worries! Enroll your local school (for FREE) and get the program started!