If there is one thing I have found in this new “stay home” time, it’s that the way we are connecting with people has changed. I am feeling more connected to those who live far away as we experiment with virtual game nights and video conference calls. I am spending more quality time with the people in my home – more card games, time spent talking, family movie nights, and tons of walks around the neighborhood.

One of the things that is helping me to stay positive is seeing what other people are doing. I have been tagged in lots of fitness challenges on my social media channels, and I am seeing more and more chalk drawings on our walks with positive messages and rainbows reminding us to stay strong.

The BOKS team has come up with some ways that we can help inspire others to get moving through our own actions.  Here are some ideas:


  • Participate in virtual challenges to get moving. Push-ups, burpees…whatever! They are a fun distraction, help you to stay connected to friends and colleagues, and give you a little extra exercise throughout the day.
  • Test out some new apps and streaming services. Oodles of services are offering free trials, and this is a great time to test out different platforms to see what works for you. Be sure to share on social or with people in your network who might be looking for similar resources.
  • Live online workouts! BOKS is streaming live on Facebook with family-friendly workouts every day at 12pm EST. If that time doesn’t work, you can always “save” the Facebook videos or visit our YouTube channel.

  • “Face-to-Face” workouts. Do you typically go to the gym with a friend? Why not use a video app to workout with them live? My daughter has been using video chats to do her gymnastics with her friends while the gym is closed, and it’s a great way to stay connected and stay active.

Close to Home:

  • Include your family members. Get the kids to jump around with you while you are working out. Even if they are too young to follow along exactly, they will still get the benefits of movement, not to mention the awesome role modeling you are doing.
  • Dig out the bikes/jump ropes/rollerblades. As long as your community is still allowing you to head outside, take advantage. Dig out those badminton rackets, or rollerblades you haven’t been on in a decade. Just be sure to stay in your 6 foot bubble!
  • Sidewalk chalk – while you are out and about, bring some sidewalk chalk with you. You can leave positive messages for others, or respond to messages that people have left on their sidewalks.

Our challenge to you:

In order to share your love of fitness, and some fun ideas, create a sidewalk chalk challenge for people who walk by. Maybe create a little obstacle course with zig-zag lines and circles to follow, or perhaps a giant hopscotch…use your imagination! Our BOKS team has been hard at work creating ours, and we love looking out the window to see people walking by and making use of them.

Need some inspiration?  Check out the sidewalk challenges created by some of our team members across North America:






For more at-home resources, you can check out this page: https://www.bokskids./boks-at-home/ 


Director, BOKS Canada