BOKS Shoe Design Delivery Day!

Back in July, we held our very first BOKS Shoe Design Contest. The contest challenged kids to design their very own Reebok shoe and the winner of the contest received the opportunity to bring their shoe to life. After a company-wide evaluation of thousands of submissions from across the country, Emma from the Grace Academy in Maryland, was announced our winner.

Emma’s original design won over the hearts of our designers with the simple rainbow detailing and smooth transition between the different shades.







At the time, Emma’s school did not have a BOKS class, but she had attended BOKS with her Aunt (Lead Trainer Sarah Spelman at Springfield Elementary) and entered the contest with her class.

Before the delivery day, Emma, her Aunt Sarah, and cousin Colby all came to visit Reebok HQ to give some insight into her design process and talk about BOKS. When
what her inspiration was, Emma said, “I was just thinking anything rainbow and was going to draw a rainbow on the side but didn’t like that, so I went with the shading.” Emma continued, “I wouldn’t change anything [on the shoe], I think they’re perfect!”

With a little help from our kids footwear team Emma’s shoe (pictured below) went from a drawing to a real shoe.

Emma’s cousin Colby, who has been a part of the BOKS program in Springfield for a few years, added that he thinks BOKS and physical activity is important, “because some kids stay on their electronics too much,” and emphasized that everyone
should do BOKS before school.

Fast forward to December, and we Emma’s shoes to her Aunt’s BOKS class in Springfield, MA. The BOKS kids were ecstatic to receive new shoes and put them on immediately before class. One of the kids explained how it was the first pair of new shoes they ever owned. We were so happy to provide Springfield Elementary BOKS students with new shoes to motivate them to stay active!

Inspired by the BOKS program and all of the students in her Aunt’s class, Emma and her Mom are bringing BOKS to Grace Academy for the Fall of 2019. We shipped the winning shoes to Emma’s class at the Grace Academy to make sure everyone is outfitted in BOKS gear for the start of the program in the Fall. Emma added, “Everyone’s been talking about BOKS because we got new shoes and I told them about BOKS in Massachusetts!”

Stay tuned for the next BOKS shoe design contest and maybe you could bring brand new Reebok shoes to your BOKS class!