Special Trainer Spotlight!

We are celebrating Mary Ann Anderson from Federal Heights Elementary School in Denver, Colorado for her amazing dedication to BOKS! Mary Ann is an incredible physical education instructor and BOKS trainer! Her passion to get kids active has been a paramount part of her life for over a decade, and she has been a devoted BOKS trainer for the last two years. Mary Ann is currently in the process of retiring from her position but she took some time to chat with BOKS about her experience!

How were you introduced to BOKS?

I was introduced to BOKS at the Summer Dance Institute in Denver 2014. And we are in our second year of BOKS!

Why do you see physical activity as an important part of healthy development in young lives?

I truly believe that physically fit children do better in school both academically and socially. The kids who participate in BOKS have fewer office referrals. Classroom teachers tell me all the time that BOKS kids are always ready for learning and have a better attention span. Because of the many benefits, teachers continually ask me if I can run BOKS five days a week! ☺

What’s your favorite BOKS memory?

I can’t name just one! I always look forward to seeing the kids smiling faces bright and early at 6:50am. And whenever we have the BOKS staff visiting the kids feel very important. But overall, I love to hear the kids tell me that the best part of their days is coming to BOKS.

What advice do you have for people just starting BOKS in their schools?

Follow your lessons! I learned a lot of new games from using the trainer hub and curriculum. The skill of the week and nutrition lessons are always awesome. The one thing I added was called “Character Trait” every week. This made a BIG difference in their behavior both in and outside of BOKS. I always made sure to remind them that they are BOKStars ALL DAY and they need to lead by example at ALL TIMES!

What’s your favorite BOKS exercise?


A Fun fact about YOU!

I was a professional high diver before I started teaching in 1987.

Mary Anne also wanted close by saying:

Thank you again to ALL of the BOKS team members! Keep up the good work you guys ROCK! I am so glad I went to the class two years ago. It changed my students for the better.

Do you know a BOKS trainer who deserves to be celebrated? Email us and let us know why your BOKS trainer rocks! info@bokskids.org