St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet Game

St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17th, can be a great excuse to wear green and search for the Luck of the Irish! It can also be a fun holiday to implement games into your class to get everyone up and moving.

In our BOKS Alphabet game, students will work together to spell out St. Patrick’s Day themed words with various exercises. For classroom teachers, this quick activity will get your students out of their seats, help get the blood flowing, and help them re-focus their energy for the rest of the lesson. For BOKS trainers and PE teachers, you can use this game as a warm-up to start class so the students are ready to go.

Click below to download a PDF with instructions for the game or scroll to the bottom to view!

St. Paddy’s Day ABC Game

For an entire St. Patrick’s Day Lesson plan (with running activities, games, and cool-downs) click below. You will need to login to our Trainer Hub for access: *Coming Soon*

St. Patrick's Day Game for Kids
BOKS ABC Game – St. Patrick’s Day Edition