Student Spotlight: Luke Dalpe

Whether they be students, trainers, or family members we are always so excited to hear stories of transformation and growth that can (at least in part) be attributed to BOKS. One such story comes from Jordan/Jackson Elementary School in Mansfield, MA. We sat down with 10-year-old Luke Dalpe, his mother Carolyn, and his two brothers 13-year-old Neil and their youngest brother Logan who is 6-years-old at BOKS headquarters to talk about how the program has impacted Luke.

This is Luke’s Student Spotlight story:

When you first meet Luke you can tell right away he’s an energetic, self-aware and kind young man.

“He needs to move constantly,” his mother Carolyn explains as Luke spins in his chair.

“We try to keep the kids moving,” she continues describing how they play freeze dance and play other games while waiting for the bus in the morning. Luke has always enjoyed being active. His favorite sport is basketball and his second favorite is lacrosse. He has plans to pursue swimming, and track, and has already completed three 5K races. Luke even breaks a sweat while enjoying video games. “We exercise while playing Xbox!” Luke exclaims, exchanging an excited look with his younger brother. “I sweat because I’m working so hard.”

Luke needs physical activity but only has P.E. once a week at school. BOKS has been a helpful supplement for him to increase his physical activity before school. But, that’s not the only area of Luke’s life that BOKS has impacted. Luke and his family started noticing improvements in his test scores on days that he had BOKS in the morning. In math class, Luke went from a 44 percent test score on a non-BOKS day to a 93 percent after doing BOKS!

In addition to the physical and academic benefits of BOKS, Luke has also incorporated BOKS into his toolkit for dealing with anxiety.

“I have anxiety but I use my tools. BOKS is one of those tools,” Luke explains. And his family aren’t the only ones who have noticed exceptional growth since Luke has started BOKS. Luke received student of the month in December at his school. He also received BOKS “Kid of the Day” for courtesy, kindness, consideration, and respect of his fellow students and teachers.

Waking up early for BOKS doesn’t bother Luke.

When he has BOKS, Luke will just leap up and get dressed exclaiming,“’It’s BOKS day!’ “Every other day of the week we have to leave the house in the morning he doesn’t do that, only on BOKS days!” His mother, Carolyn, adds. When asked if he minds the early mornings, Luke replied “No, not if it’s something I like.”

It is easy to see that Luke is a young man whose self-awareness has pushed him to overcome any struggles he may face. We at BOKS are proud to be a part of Luke’s toolkit, and hope to inspire others with stories like his!