Summer with BOKS

With summer approaching, are you thinking of new, inventive ways to keep your kids active? Looking for fresh curriculum ideas for summer camp? Or simply looking for ways to keep your kids, along with those kids in the neighborhood, active in fun, easy to implement ways? 

Explore our BOKS resources below to help you reach your goal of planning a day, a week or a month worth of activities to keep your kids/group having fun and being active over the summer months.

BOKS Bursts

If you aren’t familiar with BOKS Bursts, they are short movement breaks designed to keep kids moving throughout the school day and beyond. Bursts are a perfect option to get kids up and moving for short bursts of activity. In addition to written instructions, there are videos to show you how the Burst works. Check out these partner and group bursts to integrate into your summer schedule. 

Partner Scarf Toss & Catch

Materials: Scarves
1. Distribute one scarf per pair of kids, have kids stand 1 meter (3 feet) away from each other.
2. Have kids toss the scarf back and forth to one another, with partners mirroring each other, each round switching their method of throwing.
  • Toss with dominant hand and partner catches with dominant hand.
  • Toss then spin in a circle as partner spins in a circle and catches scarf.
  • Toss then perform one burpee as partner performs one burpee and catches scarf.
3. Have kids get creative and perform different movements after throwing the scarf to their partner (e.g., donkey kicks, tuck jump).
Variations/Challenges: Instead of throwing and catching with dominant hand, have kids throw and catch with their non-dominant hand.

Pool Noodle Timber

Materials: Pool noodles (one per kid).


1. Kids break up into groups of two to five. Each kid gets their own noodle.

2. Depending on the number in the group, and various skill levels, the kids in each group stand a set distance from one another holding their noodle upright with one end resting on the floor.

3. Based on the numbers, the trainer will pre-determine where each kid will be moving to when the game starts.

4. On the “go” cue, kids leave their noodles, trying to keep them standing by releasing and moving away quickly. They will then run to another noodle, attempting to grasp it before it falls to the floor. They will then repeat the action by moving to the next designated spot, and so on. Variations/Challenges:

  • Variations may include allowing the kids to plan the order of movements. A more complex version may involve crossing over the middle to the next spot instead of in a circular motion. Kids may use hula hoops instead of noodles. Depending on the skill level, hula hoops can be spun so that they remain upright like a top. This can involve playing the game over greater distances.

Elementary & Middle School Physical Activity Plans

Within our Physical Activity Plans you will find fun ideas for relay races and obstacle courses both of which are fun, engaging ways to get kids moving. An example of each is below.

Obstacle Course

Materials: Mat (if available), jump ropes, cones.

Set Up:

Place tumbling mat at start of course.

  • Line up jump ropes 10 feet beyond the mat.
  • Set up two cones about ten feet apart so that you’ve reached the other side of gym/field area.
  • Line up four cones close together.
  • Place one more cone about 1/2 way down gym/field area.
  • Kid starts by doing a forward roll onto the mat.
  • Then runs to jump rope and jumps five times.
  • Then does bear crawl between cones to end of gym/field area.
  • Do one cartwheel at cone and sprint back to end of line.

Relay Race

Just jumping Challenge (jumping jacks, squat jumps, tuck jumps)

Set Up: Two cones per team, place cones at start and end of gym/field area.

  • Kid does three jumping jacks.
  • Broad jump to end cone.
  • Three squat jumps.
  • Sprint back to the start and do three tuck jumps.
  • Next kid begins.

Summer Fun Pack

The BOKS Summer Fun Pack is a 50+ page document with a host of activities that will keep kids active and engaged throughout the summer months. It is complete with recipes, crafts, games, BOKS Bursts, and physical activity plans. 

Now that you have an idea of some BOKS resources you can access to get kids moving this summer, take the following next steps to help pull together a fun summer activity plan.

1.Identify your group. Students, campers or out of school attendees, at home kids.

2. Plan your activities. For summer camps or working parents, a set plan of activities will help create a routine for the kids. Kids tend to respond well to a daily routine as they know what to expect as the days and weeks go on. After looking through the above resources on the BOKS Trainer Hub you can use our summer planning page to outline a day at camp or simply plan out a day’s worth of activities for you kids and their friends.

3. Be sure to motivate and challenge your group. Inspire them to move, be active and have fun.One of the best ways to motivate kids is to get in there and participate with them. Modeling is a great way to get involved and show kids that the activities are great for all.

4. Keep it fun. Keep it positive! It is important to create a safe and supportive space where kids are comfortable trying new things. Create an environment where the kids want to come back for more!

Heather Chase