Superintendent of Plymouth Schools Gary Maestas is Living the Dream- Dreamride2 That Is!

Gary Maestas is the Superintendent of Plymouth Schools, a BOKS enthusiast, and is a huge change maker in the fight against physical inactivity. For the second year in a row Maestas is lacing up his cycling shoes and participating in a 600 mile ride from Plymouth, Massachusetts to Washington D.C. Along the way he will be making stops to hand out Reebok shoes and inspire all to live their dreams to the fullest. BOKS recently sat down with Maestas to talk about some of his motivation for taking on this amazing feat— continue reading to learn all about it!

1. Why do you see physical activity as an important part of healthy development in young lives?

In my 27 years in education I have witnessed first hand the positive impact physical activity can have on youth. When introducing activity into the lives of youth on a daily basis I have observed students become more engaged in the classroom and their ability to have positive interactions with their classmates and other youth is evident. I believe that this can create a positive academic outcome.

2. Who is your inspiration for doing this ride?

The inspiration for me doing the ride is the children of the Plymouth Public Schools. When they look at me I feel this sense that they know I am the head of the school system. I want them to know that the lead person in the Plymouth Schools is focused on inspiring them to achieve their dreams in life. That is my mission.

3. How has the BOKS program benefited the Plymouth Community?

BOKS has become a partner in our community to engage the youth and families in the area of a well rounded life. I can share from personal experience that the best ideas I have ever had in life have come during a workout.

4. What’s your favorite BOKS exercise?

I love the BOKS bursts. I think these are fun activities that can engage all groups at the start of a meeting or gathering.

5. A Fun fact about YOU!

I grew up in a small town in Northern New Mexico named Espanola. Settled by the Spaniards and declared the first Capitol of in 1858.

6. Anything else you may want to add!

I want the youth of Plymouth to become their Dream!!

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