For this week’s Trainer Spotlight we are excited to highlight Lori Vinas from Buckeye, Arizona. Lori’s first exposure to BOKS came when she attended the 2017 CrossFit games to support her son, Tommy Vinas, who was competing. Lori saw a BOKS challenge on vendor row, and proceeded to sign up her school Verrado Elementary in Buckeye, Arizona where she teaches 4th grade.

As a teacher, Lori has always included “brain breaks” in an effort to keep her students active (a practice we at BOKS fully support through our BOKS Bursts)! Lori ran BOKS twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday and received amazing feedback from students, parents, and administrators. Other teachers at Verrado even told Lori that BOKS participants seemed more energized and eager to start the day!

A special element of Lori’s experience though is that her son, Tommy, was able to come in and lead a BOKS class at Verrado. As a trainer at ZeroMachine CrossFit, a participant of the South West Crossfit Regionals for the past three years, and a participant in the 2017 CrossFit games Tommy possesses a strong passion for health and fitness. He was able to share this passion with the BOKS students by taking them through curriculum, and finishing the class with a discussion on nutritional eating.

As Lori will be retiring in May she is looking for a volunteer to take over the BOKS program at Verrado. Volunteers like Lori and Tommy are so fundamental to our mission here at BOKS, and any opportunity we have to strengthen our relationships with organizations such as CrossFit we warmly welcome. These relationships allow us to collaborate on opportunities and events that further our shared values. Thank you to Lori and Tommy for brining the power of physical activity to more children!

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