BOKS Trainer Appreciation Awards 2018

BOKS Trainers are game changers in their community – they bring the many physical and mental health benefits of fitness to kids in fun and creative ways. This year, in an effort to reward these outstanding individuals, we called on the entire BOKS community across the globe to nominate stand out trainers for the “BOKS Trainer Appreciation Awards,” and are proud to present our top three. Congratulations to all of our nominees – we are so proud to call you our BOKS family!


Robert Johnson, educator at Dalton Elementary in Aurora, CO, was nominated by principal, Bonnie Hargrove. Robert brought BOKS to Dalton and the district as a whole, and is also involved in student council and other fitness clubs for students and teachers.


Gelynn Thompson, educator at Randle Highland Elementary School in Washington, DC, was nominated by colleague and special education teacher, Regan Harris. Gelynn is a role model for students as described by Harris. At recess, you can find Gelynn always playing various playground games with students, bringing a healthy lunch, and setting an example for all Randle students!


Frank DeAngelis is our BOKS Trainer Award Winner! DeAngelis is a trainer at Thomas Hamilton Primary School in Weymouth, MA. Nominated by principal, Jeremy Burm, DeAngelis is a BOKS superstar! He centralizes all BOKS classes on building teamwork and developing confidence. Burm mentions that “all of Frank’s [BOKS] programs really start with the team, and it’s a lot about team building, and about confidence, and that works its way down to the individual [students].” DeAngelis has integrated BOKS into the school system, and it has become such a large part of Hamilton – the school even recognizes BOKS kids over the intercom!

These three trainers were nominated for their dedication to BOKS, passion for making a difference in both their schools and communities, and their overall commitment to helping students succeed and grow academically and within the BOKS program.

We can’t stress how difficult it was to narrow it down to our top three winners which is why we’d like to recognize all of our nominees:

Abby McPherson, Angie Benoit, Ann Marie Swanson, Cara Ward, Casstrena Moses, Cece Betancourt, Ceciliana Betancourt, Colleen Lynch, Danielle Payne, Debora Bys, Devin Ligon, Erin Colleran, Frank DeAngelis, GeLynn Thompson Moore, Jennifer Barsamian, Jordan Binder, Joyce MacDonald, Kate Bacon Schneider, Kelly Brennon, Laura Hayden, Lisa Dias, Mary Anne King, Matthew Chase, Mr. Curtis, Patricia Morgan, Patricia St Laurent, Renee Tabor, Robert Bowen, Robert Johnson, Robin MacBlane, SaRah BoweRs, Sarah Spelman, Shane Mccracken, Steven Walker, Tara Ettis, Team Bryantville Trainers, The Potter Road BOKS Team, Tom Levett, Tony Robinson, Tracey Peck-Moad, Waleah Blais, Yvonne Ramirez!