I asked family members what inspired them to move. I received responses ranging from movement helps me focus on my work, keeps me healthy, improves my athletics, increases my range of mobility and my mood is enhanced. These are all great reasons to move. Let’s add to the list of reasons that movement is FUN. At BOKS, one of our cornerstone principals is to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Learning that being active is fun at a young age is arguably one of the best inspirations to keep moving!

As we move through 2022, we challenge you to determine what inspires you to move and find meaningful ways to get yourself moving on a daily basis. Here we share FIVE creative and FUN ways we have found to keep moving that you can easily integrate into your day, anytime, anywhere.

Swimming can be a tough one to replicate if you don’t have access to an indoor pool. Technique is very important while swimming, so it is always good to practice your strokes and this can be done in the comfort of your home! Perform ten of each arm stroke (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly) while balancing your stomach or back on a pillow or couch cushion. Repeat using just your legs then combine both arms and legs. Or you can get really creative and silly and fill the bathtub with water and swim in place. Be careful not to hit the side of the tub or flood the bathroom.

Hiking without the scenery and dirt might not be as fun, but if you have stairs, this can be a great way to get moving by going up and down the stairs 10-20 times. Increase the intensity by putting on a backpack and keep making it heavier.

Yoga is a relaxing, mindful activity that can be done anywhere. Start or finish your day with an easy movement flow. Classes anywhere from 10 – 90 minutes can be found on YouTube or in our BOKS Mindfulness document on the trainer hub.

Running on an indoor track can seem repetitive but it will become much less repetitive compared to running back and forth in your house or in circles, if your home layout allows for it. If you are in your home, add in a few obstacles like doing step ups on a stair or chair; or doing squats, jumping jacks and/or push-ups every other lap. A fun, family-friendly obstacle course activity can be engaging and a good workout for all.

Sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, or gymnastics are fun with a group of friends but if this is not possible, bring those sport skills to wherever you are. Indoor sport specific activities can be fun. Grab a nerf ball, balloon or even a plastic bag with the ends tied together, and practice your kicking, bouncing, or shooting without the fear of breaking a window, or the family’s prized vase. Couch cushions or pillows make a good landing spot when practicing some new acrobatic/gymnastic moves.

There is no need to run a marathon or swim two kilometers but everyone can be active in some way, every day, even if you are stuck in a small space. Some days will have more movement than others but try to always do something that makes you happy and gets your body moving every day. Take a little time to yourself and see how your mood and mental health lift. Make sure to click on the link below to see how some of our adidas team take time to improve their mental health each day through physical activity.

How and where do you find inspiration to move? Share your stories with us – we would love to hear them!

“Make today better than yesterday.”

Heather Chase