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Physical activity is more important now than ever for kids who desperately need their daily dose of endorphins. When movement is added to a child’s day, it increases academic success and improves social-emotional wellbeing. As such, BOKS has launched new resources that will suit kids of any learning scenario, location, or age!

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BOKS Fitness CalendarMonthly Fitness Calendars: An easy-to-follow calendar complete with daily Burst activities, weekly challenges, follow along videos, and Mindfulness Minutes. Download the September Calendar now!

Weekly BOKS Bursts deliver movement breaks to students, educators, and families. This fall, BOKS Bursts will require minimal equipment and space to accommodate all learning scenarios, whether at home or in the classroom.

Additionally, help your students focus on their social emotional needs through our weekly Mindfulness Minutes videos. These videos will be released each Friday throughout September.



BOKS Lessons at a Distance: Similar to traditional BOKS lesson plans, these 12 lessons are easy to run, fun, and get kids moving all while adhering to physical distancing guidelines.

BOKS Lessons on Demand: BOKS On Demand Lesson Plans are follow-along videos that include a warm-up, running component, skill of the week, game, cool down, and nutrition bit. The lessons allow students to maintain current protocols of physical distancing and can be done in the classroom or at home. Engaging trainers ensure you’ll leave the lesson with a smile on your face, heart rate up, and ready to re-focus on learning.BOKS at Recess

Keep Kids Moving at Recess: This document provides 20 games and lesson plans to keep students moving at recess.

BOKS Bootcamp: This BOKS Bootcamp, intended for students in Grades 7 through 12, is designed to strengthen, support, and empower young adults physically and mentally. Each of the 10 weeks is entirely equipment free, can be performed anywhere you would have space for a yoga mat, and is highly modifiable to suit all fitness levels. The exercises address the five components of physical fitness – Cardio Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Body Composition.

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Complete List of All the BOKS At-Home Resources

Below you’ll find a complete list of all the BOKS At-Home resources available for free download!

Wondering how on Earth you’ll keep your kids entertained and active this summer with many summer camps cancelled and limited sports options? Or maybe you want to introduce more yoga & mindfulness to your kids each week? Or you’re in high school looking for an equipment free and highly effective workout program? Whatever the case may be, BOKS has you covered to stay active, keep fit, and have fun this summer!

All of our resources are FREE and easy to download from our BOKS AT HOME page! Once you sign up, you’ll be able to download any of the documents. As a thank you, you’ll receive 30% off when you shop with our friends at

summer activities for kidsSummer Fun Pack

  • Who: Kids in grades K-9
  • What: Over 100 activities to keep everyone entertained this summer. From physical activity bursts, to crafts that fuel creativity, and recipes from our friends at America’s Test Kitchen Kids, there are no excuses to be bored this summer.
  • Materials needed: Crafts utilize many household items and object you likely already own.



Summer bootcamp for teensBOKS Summer Bootcamp

  • Who: Teens and Young adults (14 and Up)
  • What: Six weeks of workouts based on functional fitness skills of the week (squats, lunges, push-ups, etc.). Written and coached by Reebok HQ Trainers, you’ll be guided through 3 workouts each week that cover strength training and cardio. You can also participate in the 1,000 rep challenge be entered for a chance to win $100 gift card to Reebok! All workouts are highly modifiable for all fitness and skill levels – so if you’re new to working out or you’re a veteran, this program can work for you.
  • Materials: No equipment required!


BOKS Burst At Home Pack

  • Who: Kids K-9th grade
  • What: BOKS Burst activities are short bursts (1-10 minutes) of exercises kids can do with minimal space. We’ve selected all the bursts that are for individuals and allow for kids to maintain social distancing while still staying active. You can do these fun exercises and mini game sin the comfort of your own own, and in small spaces with minimal to no equipment/materials required.



exercise for seniorsBOKS Bursts for Seniors

  • Who: Seniors (65 & Up)
  • What: We have modified our BOKS Burst activities to also support and inspire our older population to keep active and stay healthy while at home. These bursts of physical activity are great ways to keep moving throughout the day with mini exercises that serve as fun alternative to too much sitting and screen time. These are short (1-10 minutes) and can be used at home with little to no equipment. Challenge your friends, your kids or your grandkids to move with you (in person or virtually)!



physical activity fun packBOKS Physical Activity Pack

  • Who: Kids of all ages (Pre-K to 9th grade)
  • What: We compiled some our favorite indoor physical activity games and exercises for you and your kids to do at home. With the increased time being spent inside due to COVID-19, we want to help you keep active! Most of these can be done right in your living room. Choose from burst activities, parent/child activities, crafts, and games.
  • Materials: Crafts require minimal materials, most of which you may have around the house.



yoga and mindfulnessYoga and Mindfulness

  • Who: Kids of all ages (Pre-K to 9th grade)
  • What: BOKS and Tara Stiles (founder of STRALA Yoga) have teamed up to bring you some fun yoga and mindfulness activities! STRALA yoga will leave you feeling healthy, creative and happy by guiding you through various movements. Learn more about the body-breath connection, try natural movement poses, and practice gratitude with your kids.
  • No materials needed, for all skill levels


Fitness Calendars

  • Who: Kids of all ages (K-12)
  • What: April, May, and June Fitness Calendars. Although these months have passed, you can still access all the activities, bursts, and monthly challenges that took place during each month.



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St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet Game

St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17th, can be a great excuse to wear green and search for the Luck of the Irish! It can also be a fun holiday to implement games into your class to get everyone up and moving.

In our BOKS Alphabet game, students will work together to spell out St. Patrick’s Day themed words with various exercises. For classroom teachers, this quick activity will get your students out of their seats, help get the blood flowing, and help them re-focus their energy for the rest of the lesson. For BOKS trainers and PE teachers, you can use this game as a warm-up to start class so the students are ready to go.

Click below to download a PDF with instructions for the game or scroll to the bottom to view!

St. Paddy’s Day ABC Game

For an entire St. Patrick’s Day Lesson plan (with running activities, games, and cool-downs) click below. You will need to login to our Trainer Hub for access: *Coming Soon*

St. Patrick's Day Game for Kids
BOKS ABC Game – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

2019 Holiday Fun Pack!

Are you an educator looking for ways to keep your students engaged throughout the day right before winter break? Or are you a parent who wants to keep your child active during the week at home for the holidays? Well then look no further because BOHoliday Fun PackKS has a Holiday Fun Pack designed to keep children moving throughout the winter.

Our Holiday Fun Pack features a variety of fun outdoor and indoor activities for kids of all ages. These activities are designed to teach kids how to do functional exercise movements like squats, push-ups, and jumps, while also enjoying fun and interactive games with their peers. Think of it as a winter wonderland of physical activity!

For example, our Celebrate Winter game is an outdoor energy burner that instructs students to do “jumping jacks as if you were making standing snow angels”. This gives students a taste of holiday fun, while increasing their heart rates and engaging their brains!

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2018 BOKS Summer Fun Pack

Physical activity should never take a summer vacation. To help you get through the not so lazy days of summer, the BOKS team has created a “Summer Fun Pack”. This packet can be used by families, neighborhood gatherings, or as part of a summer camp.

The Summer Fun Pack includes some of our favorite BOKS games as well as crafts, experiments and printable’s. Everything you need to bring activity and fun to your summer. Visit our Trainer Hub to download or click here.



Educational professionals at every level face daily pressures to ensure they are creating safe and successful learning environments for their students. With an ever evolving and growing list of educational priorities, we understand that it can be challenging to get buy-in from school leaders when looking to implement a new program (no matter how beneficial that program may be.)

Understanding these challenges, we wanted to create a tool for parents, teachers and educators to use to spread the word about the benefits of the BOKS program as well as the ease of implementation for the school. Whether you are currently running a BOKS program in your school or you are looking to start a program and need a little support – we hope this video testimonial from administrators at all levels will help you gain the buy-in you need to bring BOKS to your school community.

Thank you to all who participated – we appreciate your continued support of our program and love seeing the impact its had on your students!

Summer Fun Pack

Wouldn’t it be fun to keep BOKS going throughout the summer? We have created a “Summer Fun Pack” so that our community can bring a little BOKS to their summers. This packet can be used by families, neighborhood gatherings, or as part of a summer camp.

Just because the school year has ended doesn’t mean we have to stop moving!! The Summer Fun Pack includes some of our favorite BOKS games as well as crafts, experiments and printable’s. Everything you need to bring activity and fun to your summer. Visit our Trainer Hub to download or click here:…

Fruits & Veggies Month

Happy National Fresh Fruit & Veggie Month! It’s a great month to enjoy those REAL freshly harvested veggies and fruits which are super sweet and yummy. Don’t be fooled though by fruit-flavored snacks, fruit leathers, or juices–REAL fresh fruit is the best choice. Speaking of fruits, remember to choose a variety of colorful ones. You can get your RED, WHITE, and BLUE on (and in) as you celebrate Flag Day (6/14) and next month on July 4th with a patriotic fruit salad of strawberries, bananas and blueberries. And since summer is here (6/21) and the heat is on, stay hydrated with simple, refreshing and energizing water. It not only makes up 2/3 of the earth’s surface, but 2/3 of you. So “chill out” with a glass of H2O instead of sugary, energy-sapping soda, juice, or sports drinks throughout the summer, but especially to celebrate World Ocean’s Day on 6/8. One more celebration in June is Father’s Day (6/18) and just like dads may sleep in on their special day, you can too. Aim for 8-10 hours nightly—uninterrupted sleep is key so get rid of the screens that may keep you up (or wake you up) like phones, TVs, or computers. You’ll feel better and perform better in school—which isn’t quite done yet for many kids, so finish the year strong with plenty of sleep, water, and fruits and veggies. Happy June!

Click on this link for super yummy fruit and veggie recipes:…

Mindful Eating

Happy May! The 5th of the month is Cinco de Mayo and Mexican food can be delicious & nutritious: protein in beans, veggies in fresh salsa, and healthy fats in guacamole. Technically the tomato in that salsa is a fruit and that’s OK! Speaking of fruits, thank mom this Mother’s day for the many, many things she does for you and was right about—including telling you that an apple a day can keep the Dr. away. Lots of other fruits can do that too, so choose them often. Eating fruit is healthier than drinking it even if in the form of 100% juice because of the fiber. Instead of juice or other sugary drinks, have plenty of water. It not only helped sprout those May flowers (from those April showers), but it will keep you growing and energized too! With that extra energy, celebrate Bike to Work Week by—you guessed it—going for a bike ride. Your “job” = school, so ask permission to bike there with family or friends or plan a ride afterwards. Wear a helmet! May finishes up with Memorial Day and offers another great chance to bike but also a fun time to cook out. Try grilling chicken or fish instead of the typical burgers/dogs & include veggies/fruits instead of chips this year for a delicious and nutritious meal. And remember to Sit Down, Slow Down, and Savor the Flavor of that amazing meal connecting with your family and friends—that means tune into each other and turn off the TV, video game, phone screen!

Click on this link for the Top 3 Reasons to have family meals as much as possible—not just Mother’s Day or Memorial Day!…

Click on this link for more information about choosing super healthy veggies to include during the month of May:…

Colorful Spring Kale Salad

Munch your way into springtime with this delicious salad!


3 cups of ripped kale

2 cups of butternut squash

1/2 cup of pomegranate seeds

1 15 oz. can chickpeas, rinsed, drained and dried

1/2 cup salted pepitas

1 tbsp. olive oil

2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp. lemon juice

2 tsp. maple syrup

Instructions: Roast the squash by preheating the oven to 425 degrees. Bake in the oven to bake for 20 – 25 minutes. When done, remove from oven and allow squash to cool. Next, toast the pepitas in a frying pan. Add ripped kale to a large salad bowl and massage the leaves with the olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and maple syrup. Finally add the pomegranate seeds and chick peas and enjoy! For more great recipes click HERE!