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The Traditional BOKS Program includes weekly lesson plans that provide up to 45 minutes of physical activity that can be done wherever kids are – at home, school or out of school programs. You will also have access to our BOKS Nutrition  Bits, Yoga & Mindfulness, and virtual on-boarding and curricula training for parents, teachers, staff, and trainers.

BOKS Bursts are quick 1-10 minute activities that can be done throughout the day. Enroll to access our full library of bursts in addition to receiving our weekly Burst email and monthly calendar.

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BOKS Program

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What is BOKS?

BOKS is a physical-activity program designed to reverse the sedentary lifestyle that has become the norm due to our highly-digital society by getting kids active and establishing a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. Built on the science and research documented in the book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, BOKS provides free physical activity curricula, training, and support to communities looking to establish and maintain impactful fitness and nutrition programs serving the whole child. Having grown from a single elementary school to a global initiative, BOKS is scalable, and its impact is supported by scientific research. BOKS envisions a world in which movement is a foundational part of every child’s day

Who can use BOKS?

Anyone and everyone! BOKS is designed to be a turnkey program that anyone can use.  BOKS trainers and program providers are Educators and School Staff, Counselors and Site Coordinators, Parents and other adults who are committed to getting kids active!

Where? (Where can the BOKS program run?)

Anywhere kids are – playgrounds, school yards, school gyms, classrooms, during recess, at home… be creative and use whatever space you have – large or small.  We have activities that can be customized for your unique situation and we offer you lots of ideas to help modify and meet your needs.


Anytime – before, during or after school. We also have fun holiday and summer resources to help keep kids active year round.


By signing up for BOKS you’ll gain access to our Trainer Hub which provides everything you need to implement BOKS. You’ll find training, curricula and other resources.  We have lots of printable resources and videos to support you. Pick the BOKS experience that is right for you.

Cost?  100% Free.  Through a generous donation from Reebok, you can access all BOKS has to offer for free.