Monthly Fitness Calendars


Here’s what people are saying about the Active Kids Monthly Calendar!

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The Active Kids elementary school lesson plans have been instrumental in helping me get the kids moving before and after school. Some students do not want to participate at first but by the end of the session, they are asking me for more. A great way to start off the school day!

Cheryl Hutton

Montreal, Quebec

Active Kids resources have been a game-changer and time saver for me. The structured, interactive calendars have not only kept my kids moving but have also turned exercise into a fun and engaging experience for the entire family. Active Kids has made it a breeze for me to incorporate regular physical activity into our family’s routine, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The short Burst videos are so easy to follow and adapt. I’m so happy with the positive impact the resources have had on my kids' well-being.

Lynn Rizzuto

Montreal, Quebec