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Active Kids is a turn-key physical activity program that can help children of all ages, abilities, and nationalities improve their physical and mental health.

We are thrilled that you are interested in finding out more about how to bring Active Kids to your region.

While each country is unique, we have some tried-and-true strategies for localizing Active Kids. Check them out, along with some case studies of how Active Kids works in different areas of the world.

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How to Bring Active Kids to Your Country

  • Enroll Your School

    By enrolling, you'll receive everything you need to get Active Kids up and running.

  • Get Trained

    Learn more about Active Kids through our free virtual training.

  • Translate

    Translate our lesson plans: our plans are available in English and French. Need another language? Now is the time to have the Active Kids materials translated into your local language.

  • Scale

    Do you want to create a larger movement? Read through our case studies to learn how you can grow Active Kids beyond your community by engaging government and private sector partnerships.

  • Celebrate and share your success!

    We love to see how Active Kids works in other markets. Be sure to share your program with us on our social media channels by tagging #bokskids.

Case Studies

United States
Active Kids Case Study

In 2009, Active Kids began as a small program at a single elementary school in Massachusetts called FitKidz Get Up & Go. A group of passionate moms, led by Kathleen Tullie, who read the book Spark by Dr. John Ratey, firmly believed that getting our kids moving before school would promote a more productive school day. Active Kids sought to empower the community to help the youth of this generation embrace healthy habits that would last a lifetime. Word of this grassroots effort spread and within a year, the program became the signature platform of the Reebok Foundation, where it was renamed BOKS. It remained Reebok’s core program for more than a decade. In 2023 the program became an independent charity called Active Kids, where it remains today.
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Active Kids Case Study

Active Kids was brought to Canada through a multi-sector partnership between Reebok, the Canadian Football League, and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Under the Public Health Agency’s Diabetes Prevention strategy, the organization partnered with private companies, including BOKS, by funding the launch of innovative programs to help increase healthy behaviors.
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BOKS Case Study

Active Kids Japan started in the Spring of 2011 through a collaboration between Reebok Japan and the United Sports Foundation (a Foundation created by Xebio, a large sports retailer) under the name BOKS. Active Kids Japan is currently self-funded through the Reebok Japan marketing department and the partnership with Xebio’s United Sports Foundation. BOKS Japan went live with their localized website in June of 2015. Active Kids US provides in-kind technology support.
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