Spring break is here – whoooo! 

Ok, maybe that isn’t this year’s reaction to spring break, since travel restrictions are keeping most of us close to home. Whether you are taking time off together as a family or the kids need to self-entertain a bit while you work, here are some ideas for how to stay active and keep your kids moving over spring break. 

Get Outside 

As the weather starts to improve across the country, it’s a great time to get the kids outside to start rediscovering fresh air. Break out the jump ropes and hula hoops to create an obstacle course. See how many combinations you can come up with! Be sure to stock up on our favorite – sidewalk chalk. You can practice your artistry by creating running ladders, hopscotch paths, and of course, leave messages for passers-by.  Check out some of our sidewalk chalk art for some creative ideas to try at home. 

Active Board Games 

Board games help kids to develop problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. Even simple games like Go Fish or Pickup Sticks can provide tons of screen-free entertainment. We like to take our board games up a notch by making them active. BOKS has lots of downloadable templates for reimagined board games such as chutes and ladders and BOKSopoly (our active take on Monopoly) available in the BOKS Trainer Hub.

Virtual Camps 

For a more structured week, try signing the kids up for a virtual camp. We are excited to be partnering with Jumpstart for a free virtual Spring Break camp. You can sign up here to participate in a week of activities, including a daily 45-minute BOKS class!  

Go for a walk…or a run! 

Be sure to get outside and walk or jog around your neighborhoodWalking for 20 minutes a day can help boost your mood, enhance creativity, and keep your heart healthy. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with your kids. Be sure to search for signs in nature that spring is coming! 

No matter how you are spending your spring break, we hope you take some time to disconnect from the screens and reconnect to your loved ones. 

Kimberley Medeiros