STEAM formerly known as STEM is an approach to learning that incorporates science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics, across the curriculum. Educators throughout the world are using STEAM concepts in their classrooms. These concepts are helping to promote problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure and more. These concepts are just as useful in our BOKS classes as they are in the traditional content areas. Check out some fun ways to bring STEAM into a BOKS class:


Science is all about experimentation and observation. The way that we move can be observed by ourselves and others.

  • Have kids do star jumps as if they are lava rocks erupting from a volcano.
  • Even simple movements like turning in a circle can introduce basic science concepts.


Do you have access to a smartphone or some form of pedometer? This technology is quite easy to blend with physical activity.

  • If kids have access to pedometers have them track their steps over a given week. Do they get more steps during a school day or on the weekends?
  • Of course, I will give a plug to our BOKS Bursts which arguably are a use of technology to get kids moving. Just by clicking on a burst in our monthly calendar is using technology to get kids moving, or watching a BOKS Burst video.


Engineering is about bringing new ideas to life. BOKS kids are always creating new games and ways of doing things. Often the best games and activities are the ones that happen organically.

  • Challenge your BOKS kids to create a new game. Break them into groups and allow them two or three pieces of equipment and see what each group comes up with. I guarantee the game will be different for each group, but the one thing they will all have in common is that they will be fun and inventive.


The Arts bring out the creative expression in all of us. Dance, color, music, words and expressions are all modes that we can be creative in.

  • Let kids create their own dances to a song, play a game of charades and let the kids bring new ideas to life.
  • Kids can use their arms as paint brushes and use movement to get creative.


Math is probably the easiest connection between movement and STEAM concepts that are used throughout the curriculum. Moving with numbers is something we do every day.

  • Kids can practice addition or multiplication or other math functions with movement. Challenge kids to create equations to movements.
  • Two tuck jumps plus four star jumps equals how many jumps?

Here at BOKS we know that kids who are more physically active are better able to learn and focus in school and in their daily activities. Using the STEAM concepts in your BOKS classes or at home, you increase your learning and growing power. Check out our March BOKS Burst Calendar available in the BOKS Trainer Hub for more STEAM-related activities.

Active kids = Active Minds