Use BOKS Resources All Summer Long

Whether you are at home with your kids, you are a counselor at summer camp, or teaching summer school, everyone is trying to come up with creative ways to keep our kids moving this summer.

Activity Tracker: This is a great way to keep your kids active at home or at camp. You can choose to organize on a weekly or monthly basis. Keep track of the camp day or the kids’ schedules and workouts all in one place.

Summer Fun Pack: The summer fun pack is a great way to keep everyone with their diverse interests busy and engaged. This resource can be used at home or at camp. The Summer Fun Pack includes 10 full BOKS lessons, Bursts for a quick movement break, and recipes to get the kids cooking keeping sharp on their reading, measuring, and math skills. It also includes crafts for a rainy day and ideas for outdoor play with chalk that will really get them moving.

Get Your Run On: Get Your Run On with BOKS this summer! Enjoy eight weeks of BOKS running-focused lesson plans to get your kids running and loving it. This package is complete with 20-minute physical activity plans, tips and tricks, and videos to support your running program.

BOKS At A Distance 1.0/2.0: Follow along with BOKS Lessons at a Distance, which includes warm-ups, running activities, skills of the week, games, and cool-downs. These documents are designed to keep kids moving through a full 30-45 minute physical activity plan.

Are You Game?: This resource includes over 30 new games, crafts, puzzles, and activities you can print out to do at home or during the camp day.

BOKS Bootcamp: The BOKS Bootcamp is intended for students in Grades 7 through 12 and is designed to strengthen, support, and empower young adults physically and mentally. Each of the 10 weeks is entirely equipment-free, can be performed anywhere you have space for a yoga mat, and is highly modifiable to suit all fitness levels. The exercises address the five components of physical fitness – Cardio Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Body Composition.

Mindfulness: Follow along with our mindfulness, stretching, gratitude, and movement flows to bring a few minutes of calm to your day

Enjoy an active summer with BOKS!